Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So today was a hard day for Tim. He sent me a text that he had gotten a call from a father who wanted to find out how he could get his daughter admitted to one of the inpatient programs at the hospital. This was.. Monday. Today he called the father back to find out if he had signed all the forms to release her medical records, and get approval from the insurance co. etc. and the father said it was no longer necessary. Tim asked why and the father said because the daughter had committed suicide yesterday. Tim was all torn up about it. He said he kept trying to think back whether he had asked the father if the girl needed immediate treatment or to go to the ER. It's so hard, what do you say to console someone in that situation? I just told Tim, you have to figure out how to let it go because otherwise it will eat you up. There's no way he could have known that the situation was that critical and the father said he didn't know it was that bad either. It's just very very sad. Tim takes it so personally when he can't help someone and to have something like this happen and him feel so responsible, that he wasn't able to help this girl... well, it was not a good day for him.

I have so much admiration and respect for Tim. It is so so hard to work in an adolescent psychiatric hospital. It really is. You see so many kids who have been hurt by life or more commonly, their own parents and families, who have seen violence up close and personal, or done violence to someone else. He sees kids that are so messed up... the only thing you can do is come home and hug the babies and do everything you can to make sure they never have anything bad happen to them while you still can.

So yeah, that is kind of a bummer. I just tried to have dinner ready when he got home and make it an easy evening on him.

Savino is Super Crank lately. I don't know what his deal is. I really think he is teething again! It seems impossible, this poor kid needs a break from teething! I probed inside his mouth and couldn't feel anything but noticed that there is a white ridge to the right of his bottom teeth, so maybe he is working on tooth #5. I just know the crankiness has to stop. It's ridic. I literally cannot leave the room and leave him behind. Every single time he wails like I am abandoning him. It makes it very hard to do ANYTHING. I have taken to carting him around with me and just setting him on the floor with a toy wherever I take him. It is only a temporary solution because soon enough he will be crawling, but for now it seems to work. There is the novelty of being on the floor too since I don't really set him down on the floor anywhere but the living room. I've had to sweep like twice a day to be able to do this, but if it's what it takes... Mealtimes are crazy too, he's taken to wanting a bite of this, a bite of that, a Gerber puff, a sip of milk, rinse repeat. Except if you don't figure out what he wants in time, he screams bloody murder with real tears squeezing out and falling down his cheeks. I swear I think he was pointing at his cereal bowl this morning, so I tried offering him that. I think he is too young to point, but maybe I am wrong! If he can just start communicating more, I think that will ease the frustration. He STILL isn't signing. I am trying to be consistent with offering the signs for everything but I'll admit, sometimes I just plain forget. I am trying to pay more attention to his hands too, and see if maybe I am just missing him attempting to sign something to me. We do "eat", "milk"(bottle and nursing), "all done", "kittie", and "more". He is reaching that age of being able to sign back, so hopefully soon.

Ok, well, I should be in bed. I have not been getting to bed at a good time and Savino has been up and done unpredictably again. I just wish the kid would SLEEP, give me another full nights sleep. I need it. I leave you with a park picture.


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