Thursday, January 15, 2009

I live? I Live!

I have nothing to say except WHOA. I have been crazy busy like whoa lately. Well, for the last three months. Sorry! Pictures to make up for it?

Mom and Dad, from Christmas. I have a GIGANTIC backload of pictures that I don't think I will ever get caught up on, but I am trying to chisel away at it when I have 30 minutes here and there.

The kids are big, and in the midst of an extended snow/cold break from school. School was cancelled for two days first because of about 6 inches of snow and then for the biting cold, which the high tomorrow is supposed to be a whopping FIVE degrees. We are staying indoors, keeping the fire burning, turned the heaters and furnace up and just waiting for it to thaw out.

I am loving Netflix lately. It's so awesome to be able to watch something whenever on my computer and getting the DVD's in the mail too. We are rediscovering all our childhood cartoons and the kids ove watching their shows too. Yay for Netflix!

Is winter over yet?

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