Monday, December 14, 2009

Photography Post

Abandoned Blog

Well, this poor blog has been left by the wayside to die. I didn't mean to, but ten years of blogging at another site and it is hard to remember to come update this one. But I am going to try because my other diary is not really fit for family consumption. Mostly I have been working on my family, and my photography.

Savino is two and a handful! Little boys are something else, and he is completely and totally obsessed with trains, and the PBS show "Caillou" and reading books, any sort of books. He is a joy though, and he is talking up a storm. Everyone but Tim can understand what he is saying 90% of the time. Tim is clueless and spends most of the evening asking for a translation.

Haley is doing much better at school this 2nd 9 weeks. She had a lot of trouble dealing with the increased workload of 5th grade, which is part of the middle school in our school district. But she has been trying very hard and it's showing! She has joined the middle school band and is playing trombone and she is amazing at it!! Everyone is completely impressed with how good she is for how short of a time she has been playing. She's had her trombone for 2 months now and they have band class once a week, so she's had about 8 classes and she is really good! And I'm not just saying that because she's my flesh and blood!

Tim went through some tough times in October, the adolescent psychiatric hospital he worked at for the last 12 years downsized him. It's enough to make you really lose all sense of hope in the health care industry. More and more large conglomerate companies are taking over and all they care about is profit margins and bottom lines. Anyway, he was out of work for a month but was offered a job with a local hospital on their psychiatric unit. He started work a week ago and has been OK with it so far though he is dying to get out of psychiatric nursing. In 6 months he can transfer to another part of the hospital and he is hoping to get into the OR as an OR nurse. Hopefully that will work out!

As for me, I am working for three different companies from home, and beng the stay at home parent for our kid's and Chantal's kids. It's not easy, and lately I have been feeling the stress. Some days I just want more for myself than to raise kids, though intellectually I know that being at home and being here for the kids is the best thing that I do to give them a stable life. It's really hard for me lately, though. I want to do something that *I* feel proud of and I really want to be able to pursue my photography as a business and not just a hobby. I am hoping that next year, I might be able to do just that. Now that Tim is working again and I am bringing in a lot more income with my jobs, I am hoping that I can channel some money into a website, and some extra equipment and marketing myself to get new clients.

Anyway, that's that. I have a huge log of pictures that I could post, but I am really disenfranchised with Blogger's picture upload, I have to figure something else out.

So, I am not making any promises about this thing, but I am going to try. And that's all you can ask these days!

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