Friday, April 25, 2008

Savino SLEPT last night! Oh blessed blessed sleep. One day my life will not revolve around how much he sleeps, but for now it totally does. He woke up at 12 to nurse and I didn't give him a bottle afterwards like I normally do, I just laid him back down and he rolled over and went back to sleep... and slept until almost 7am! Woo! I actually woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and had to check on him because he was out so completely, he was still in the same spot he had rolled into when I laid him down.

I have figured out that he does this about once every two weeks or so. I can handle it! I don't expect him to do it again, but I think it would be awesome if he ramped up to one night a week of sleep.

This morning I had to get up anyway and help Haley get ready for her group pictures at school. I helped her pick out some clothes and then did her hair in two French braids. I am getting much better at braiding her hair! I think just doing it over and over has helped. I also figured out that I couldn't get all of her hair into the braids, the part right at the back at the base of her neck is just too short to be braided in, so I stop the braids just above that part and leave it loose. It looks so cute! And even better, it stays out of her face when I do it that way, so you can see her beautiful heart shaped face.

Savino is definitely about to push tooth #5 through his gums, there is a tiny ridge of tooth already out and I think in the next few days it will come all the way through. That explains the copious amounts of drool that come pouring out of his mouth.

I managed to get a bunch of leaves and dead grass out of the front flowerbed yesterday while waiting for it to be time to go get Haley. I put Savino on a blanket and let him pull up peices of grass and sneak them into his mouth when he thought I wasn't looking. He was too cute, he would pull a peice of grass and then look up and see if I was watching him, if he caught me looking at him he would give me this big innocent smile like, "Oh no Mom, I wasn't going to put it in my mouth!" and if he couldn't see my face (I was working behind the cherry bushes, so I could see him through the branches but he couldn't really see me), then his hand would slowly move towards his mouth and he would thoughtfully chew on the grass. I figured, what the hell, he was sitting in a patch of clover and grass and we don't put any chemicals on our lawn so a few peices weren't going to hurt him. I did run over and stop him from eating a leaf, that isn't quite the sort of thing that he can chew on. Anyway, I pulled out a ton of leaves and grass and now I need to rake it up and put it in a trash can for hauling away.

This afternoon after I pick Haley up we are going to Lowe's to look at plants because I am going to find something to plant in front of the cherries and around the strawberries and in the front circular bed where my sparse tulips are too spread out. I also need to get some pruning shears and some new cheap trowels that I can use to tear the crabgrass roots out of the flower bed. I always tear up my trowels so I just buy cheap ones so I don't mourn when I break them or bend them or otherwise mangle. I also need some new gardening gloves. Deals has all of that for $1 so I might make a trip over there too.

I tried to talk Tim into having lunch with me, but he has three admissions that all arrived at the same time, so he is swamped and I just said forget it. I am a little sad at that. The goal was to have lunch together once a week and that has not happened. He never even suggests it, I have to talk him into it. I guess I don't really care, I mean, we've gone all these years without ever having lunch together through the week, I just thought it would be a nice way to get a standing date in every week. Since he is on call for the rest of the weekend, I am not counting on him being around. I am just planning to do things that I don't need him for, like plastering the wall in the hallway where I have ripped out the wallpaper and somehow managed to tear off the top layer of drywall as well. I think that just a layer of patching plaster will be fine, the top half of the wall has textured paint on the drywall anyway.

I would like to figure out how I can turn our front room into some usable space. I need to get a TV stand for the TV in there, and figure out how to de-cat-hair the couch that is in there, it is COVERED in cat hair. It is so gross. I have no idea. I just don't know how to keep the cats off of it either, they just claimed that couch as their own. I feel bad that it is this whole room that we are not even using and I don't know why, it is a nice room and it stays very cool without any air conditioning in the summer. I think that it would be a great library/office area, but I am at a loss as to what to do with it. Right now we just use it mostly as a coat room. All our shoes are in there, well me and Haley's shoes mostly, and we have coats hanging on a junky coat rack that was there when we moved in. I guess I need to just get some hangers and put all our coats away since the weather is so much warmer that we don't need them. I don't know. It has a fantastic light fixture in there (remember the branch and leaf chandelier that I got for $14?) and I could put in some nice curtains, right now there are just some sheers hanging up. It needs another seating area, like two nice wingback chairs and a coffee table to go between the chairs and the couch. Some bookcases, some art or pictures on the walls, I think it would be really nice. Tim can set up his laptop in there, and with the TV hooked to the basic cable that is in there, it would be a nice place to just hang out or for Haley to do her homework at. I want to start maximizing our space, we have SO MUCH of it in this house and we just don't use it well.

So anyway, I have plans for the inside and outside of the house this weekend. I hope that I can get something good done. I also have two large picture frames that I need to decide what to do with! If I can find a nice 11 X 14 mat with an 8 X 10 cut out, I can put the new 8 X 10 of Haley and Savino that I have in it, or I could order an 8 X 10 of the picture of Tim and Savino in the park that I love so much. It is hard to decide! Then I have a big giant frame that I am going to collage some more pictures into, I have a thing for picture collages lately.

Chantal is supposed to come by at some point this weekend to pay her part of the cell phone bill. I will totally not be shocked if she doesn't show up, but whatever! I am good without the drama!

On that note, I am going to rescue a baby who doesn't want to practice crawling anymore and nurse him and try to get some laundry done and get him dressed for the day. We are bumming, him in his pjs and me in my workout clothes.


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