Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey, at least I am getting closer to being caught up here!


I am so so so happy because we have finally rented out the Little House! Woohoo! We rented it to someone who up until recently used to work with Tim's brother, and he came over and paid rent for October on Sunday. Yay! So that is one worry off our minds. I am really really glad that the house won't be sitting empty this winter.

My SIL's wedding is looming large. I still have to find Savino something to wear. *sighs* What a hassle. At least Haley is done, I got her a dress on Sunday and just have to make sure the shoes she has still fit and maybe get her a pair of tights. Of course, I have to make the cake and make sure I have everything prepared for the pictures. I need to go buy a few more SD cards for my camera because I plan to shoot in RAW at least part of the time so I can fix any exposure mistakes.

Oh, a bit of sadness. I went to take my wedding rings off last night so I could put lotion on the babies and noticed that my diamond band is missing one of the diamonds. Sadness. I was not entirely surprised though because I think the diamond that fell out was one that wasn't the right size or color anyway, it always bugged me that when you looked at the ring from the side, it didn't look the same as any of the others. Anyway, I took it into the store today and they are sending it out to get an estimate of how much it will cost to replace the diamond. It turned out one of the prongs snapped and that's why the diamond fell out so the prong will have to be rebuilt too. I am hoping it won't cost a lot because the ring didn't cost that much to begin with. I will know in a week. I had my solitaire checked while I was there too, just to make sure that I hadn't done anything horrible to it. I swear, I shouldn't be allowed to have nice jewelry anyway, I just bash it up. Thankfully, the solitaire is in good shape and the sales guy cleaned it for me. I love the sales guy that was there today, he fawned over my rings and when he was putting my information in the computer to print out a claim ticket for my band, he was all "Girl, you got a good deal!" when he looked at how much I paid for the solitaire. I don't think I'll ever shop at another jewelry store, I like them too much.

Something is going on with Jaden. I don't know what, but his behaviour the last few weeks has been unreal. Today and yesterday he was reverted back to the crying and whining that he was doing the first week that they moved in here. He hasn't been acting like that for awhile, and then it just starts back up again. I am wondering if there is something going on with Shawn that he is doing that. I don't know, but I hope Jaden settles back down soon because the crying over every little thing is unbearable. Between Jaden whining and crying and Savino on his hunger strike, these babies are wearing me down!

I need a nap so badly. I am so tired. Of course, I have to go rouse the babies in a few minutes and change diapers and get them into the car to go get the girls off the bus. At least we don't have to go to the store today. I think I am seriously going to just start going to bed with Savino. I'm always exhausted by the time he goes down, I always feel like I ought to just lay down and go to sleep but I usually force myself downstairs to work or clean or hang out with Tim. Then I don't end up in bed until midnight and then Savino wakes up at some point between midnight and 4 and the last few days several times during that four hour stretch, so there is no real rest. No wonder I am tired. I guess I just have to accept that I need an earlier bedtime. Sucks. I'm too old to stay up until midnight, I guess.

The leaves are changing colors again. I guess that means that fall is really here. And winter soon. I am not ready, bring back summer please! Ah summer, I took you for granted. Now I have to deal with impending Christmas. There are holiday decorations and Christmas crap all over the stores already and we're not even near to Halloween yet. I can't deal with the celebrating Christmas for the four months before it even happens. That's ridiculous.

We let Steve the cat back into the house on a trial basis after a haircut (I shaved him with the clippers) and a flea bath. My cat M'El has vanished. *sighs* Steve is beyond ecstatic to be back in the house. The first night back he slept on everyone's bed throughout the night. He started in Chantal's room and then came into our bedroom and was laying on Laila's bed when I got up that morning. Since then he has been super affectionate, despite having clawed and bitten the hell out of my hands while I was giving him his haircut. He looks ridiculous, just utterly ridiculous. At least it has cut way way down on the amount of cat hair we have to deal with, which was one of my big complaints about bringing him back in. If he doesn't do anything horrible, like covert peeing or whatever, he can stay inside. I am sad to say, but I think it was M'El who was doing 99% of the bad outside-the-litterbox madness.

Oops, time to get the kids.


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