Thursday, October 23, 2008


We are not having the best day! Well, Tim's bad day started yesterday afternoon when he was cutting the grass in the back by his truck and was stung on the calf by a wasp/bee thing. We've been battling them lately, there was a nest in the front yard on the property line between our neighbors house and our house and Tim put two cans of poison down in the nest and then ended up pouring gasoline down the hole and setting it on fire. Needless to say, he got them, but this other nest in the back he didn't even know about until he was stung. Well, at first it looked like his calf wasn't really going to swell up or anything, but today, oh my, it was BAD. His whole foot was swollen twice the size of his other foot, he looked like half-Frankenstein's Monster, half man. His calf and ankle were really swollen and it was going up his thigh. He came home from work because he couldn't just ignore it anymore. Benadryl wasn't helping, so we went off to the Urgent Care which was also his new PCP because of the fiasco with insurance with our old PCP who has a walk-in clinic. Well, we get to Urgent Care and they don't take our insurance anymore. Um, thanks?

Came home and found another Urgent Care in the next town over in WV that does take our health insurance and the doctors that practice there are also preferred providers with our insurance plan so hopefully he can switch to them, he needs refills on his medications too. He is going to try to get them to write the prescriptions so that we can do them mail-order which is much cheaper and that way he only has to go in for checkups, not just for refills. Anyway, he is out there at the dr right now while I am here so that I can go get the girls from the bus stop when its time. I didn't think he would be done in time for me to go with him, which he was bummed out about.

So, onto the poor me. I went upstairs to get Savino from his nap earlier, and he was crawling down the stairs (well throwing himself backwards down the stairs really) and I was below him with a hand on him so he didn't fall down. He was about five steps from the bottom and I went to pick him up to carry him the rest of the way, I turned to go down the last few stairs and somehow managed to trip myself, fall down the last three stairs and over the one step up to the landing all the way into the stair hallway while holding Savino. Thankfully, miraculously, Savino was comletely unscathed. I managed to twist and cradle him against my body so that all that happened was that he got set down onto his butt on the floor sitting up a little roughly. He wasn't even scared by falling, he just looked at me like "Whahuh?" On the other hand, I hit the wall at the bottom of the stairs HARD with my shoulder and left arm and was twisted half on and half off the landing. Owowow. It really hurt. At first I thought I broke my arm or dislocated my shoulder or something because the impact REALLY hurt. No, instead I just really bashed the back of my upper left arm and have a rash all down the rest of my left arm from sliding against the rough plaster/textured paint of the wall. I also managed to put a big long crack in the plaster of the wall where my shoulder hit it. I had an instant bruise and it looks pretty rough on that spot on my upper arm. It huurrt. I'm OK though, I will just have a really nasty sore bruise tomorrow and an embarassing story to tell. Still, it made the day a little less fun!

I made a few batches of Lara bars today. They turned out so good! I don't think that I have ever had dates before, and I didn't realize that they were so good! They're very sweet, almost like brown sugar. I made a big batch of Walnut Coconut bars for Tim because those are his favorite, and I also made half a batch of Apple Pie bars and half a batch of Banana Nut bars. I think the Banana Nut are my favorite so far, but I would like to try making the Key Lime Pie version too. There's about 20 bars in the fridge right now setting up, so I think we are set for the week. They're really easy to make, I wonder if anyone else outside our family would eat them. Even Savino likes them. I want to make the Very Cherry kind next as well, but I need to get some cherries for that.

Savino is cutting some teeth hard again, which means that he is not sleeping. *sighs* He is mighty cute though, and that makes up for it a little. He just started saying a bunch of new words yesterday and trying to mimic anything you say. He says, "Haley" (Aaa-lee) and "Laila" (sometimes it comes out Laila, sometimes it's just "La la" which is what we also call Laila),"Bye bye","Uh oh!", "Thank you" (Hank Oo), "Jay-d", "Kitty" (itty), "Hello?" (Eh-row?), and "Hey!". Tim was pretty stunned, we just kept saying words to him to see what he would say back, what he could manage and he would keep saying them after we asked him if he could say (insert word). He's too much. He definitely takes his milestones in leaps and bounds! He's 13 months today and I think he's right on track.

He has been standing up alone without holding onto anything quite a bit and has been experimenting with taking steps without holding on. Today he was standing in the front room while I was getting my shoes on and he was holding onto the back of the race car Power Wheel we keep in there when the kids aren't playing with it, and I said "Come on, let's go!" and held my arms out to him and he let go of the Power Wheel and took a step right into my arms! This isn't the first time he has taken a step by himself, the other day he let go and took two steps around Jaden in the play yard to get to a toy and a few mornings ago took two steps from the night stand in our bedroom to the bed. Soon, soon.


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