Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My contacts are seriously bothering me, so excuse any typos, I am just trying to hammer this out before I take them out and go to bed.

I think we are FINALLY finished with renovations over at the Little House! Tim used his day off, his birthday and our anniversary, to go over and finish the last few things that needed doing, though we STILL have to order a part for the dishwasher, it is still leaking when you run it so no dishwasher for our renter. At least he can finally move in! I can't even tell you what a relief this is. We have been working on this stupid house for what feels like forever. We pretty much gutted and redid the entire kitchen, and finished the upstairs where Tim's brother had left it half done. It looks so good, though I have to say, it just doesn't feel like "our" house anymore. It's not the same. But it's very nice overall.

I had a good week in couponing despite CVS totally hosing us by not having much on sale because Ohio is part of their test market where apparently they were testing whether people would still shop there if they didn't put anything on sale! I did manage to get a few things anyway though, and this week will be a bit better because I have a lot of ExtraCare Bucks expiring and I have to use them up. I'm not as organized as my sister who takes these fab pictures of all her deals, I always forget and put everything away hehe.

But I did get...

4 bottles of V-O5 shampoo/conditioner for $2 (.50 each)
4 Schick Intuition Plus razors with 2 refills each, on sale for 3.99 but .99 each after my $3 off coupons (The regular price on the shelf was 9.99!)
2 3-packs of Irish Spring bar soap (for Tim, he loves this stuff) on sale for .99 each but .64 each after .35 coupon
1 Oust oil-candle with refill for 1.57 (on clearance 75% off)
2 Colgate Total Whitening Plus toothpaste 2/$3 with 1.50 coupon and .75 coupon, .75 total for both

Not too bad! I am pretty stocked up on razors, shampoo, and toothpaste though hehe. I think Tim will probably kill me for buying any more but I'm just going to sneak it into the back of the cabinet and hope he doesn't notice! If anything, I can always donate it to the women's shelter or food pantry. I'm so glad that this week CVS has Children's Advil on sale for free because Savino is teething hardcore and I was out of Tylenol for him. I just give it to him at night so he can sleep, otherwise he wakes up screaming at least three times in the night and wants to marathon nurse.

I participated in a Breastfeeding awareness walk at our local mall. I was pretty amused that they were having a walk... in the mall! It's not that big of a mall, but hey, it's air conditioned, I wasn't complaining. I think it's either World Breastfeeding Week or Month or something. Haley walked with me and Savino rode in the stroller. I was actually a little put off by some of the people who participated because they are like breastfeeding activists who want you to whip your boob out and nurse right in the middle of everything. It's not that I care about exposing myself (though, I don't enjoy it and sometimes I do feel uncomfortable about it), but really Savino just doesn't nurse well in public out in the middle of everywhere. He wants to look around and flirt and see if anyone is paying any attention to him. But I kept feeling like the other people who were participating kept waiting for me to nurse him in the middle of the mall to, I don't know, make a statement or something? I totally support breastfeeding and want more people to be aware that it is totally natural and that there is nothing wrong with it, it's not weird or painful (well, for the most part!), and there are a ton of benefits for everyone involved. Having said that, as a breastfeeding mom, I am so put off by anyone who thinks you ought to do it a certain way, or that you shouldn't be uncomfortable to whip it out in the middle of the mall. I think they hurt the cause more than they help it because they just seem so pushy and strident and out there. I don't want to be associated with them!

And in all fairness, I think that I have been able to do more for the cause of breastfeeding among my friends and family just by being totally normal about it, not forcing it down anyone's throat or making it an issue. Chyron, Jaden, Savino, and Therron are all Boobie Babies and it's just not a big deal. I was happy to participate, but I don't think I will next year. I was kinda weirded out by the expectations that other nursing moms were putting on me.

So, yeah, enough about my boobs!

Laila came home from spending the summer with her dad's family in Dayton, and has been spending the night with us. Well, first she spent the night with us and then Haley spent the night with her and then she came back with us when we picked Haley up and spent the night again. We went to the pool today and splashed around and we've been celebrating Tim's birthday and our anniversary, so there's been cake and ice cream and all sorts of spoiling! I think she is having a good time, her and Haley have been sharing a queen sized air mattress we set up in the spare/Savino's room and they have been thick as thieves. Laila has gotten so big! I missed her and I was very glad to have her back. I am having a good time hanging out with her, though she has been coughing a lot. I am so over her coming back from Dayton sick. I wish they took better care of her up there.

Well, I hear my son squeaking and getting ready to wake up and scream so I ought to wrap this up.


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