Sunday, August 17, 2008

It was INSANE trying to get Haley school clothes today. I was overwhelmed after just one store and poor Savino was not OK either. The crowds, the traffic, the insanity. I managed to find Haley one outfit and we had to come home after that because I was done, I was just overwhelmed.

I guess we will go back out tomorrow early in the morning and try again. I need to go through her clothes in her closet and dresser and purge what is faded or stained or ripped and doesn't fit. Some of her current jeans I am going to cut off and hem into long shorts for her because they fit fine in the waist but are too short at the ankle. I still have to get her everything else though, about the only thing that she is fine on is shirts, she has an incredible amount of shirts.

I am clinging to my zen about everything. I have been cleaning like a madwoman. I have been taking time to just sit on the floor with Savino and just play with him and chill out and it helps. He is such a sweet little boy, if you hang out with him then he just comes over and puts his head on your shoulder or leans into you and just cuddles with you for a second before he goes on to playing with something else. It is so sweet and so touching. He loves to lay down and put his head down on his blanket if you fold it up neatly and put it on the floor. He will play play play and then crawl over to his blanket and lay on his stomach with his head on it and rest for a minute and then get up and crawl off and play play play. He has such a funny, sweet personality. Jaden was pretty reserved and still is for the most part, but Savino is just all out there, smiles and giggles and cheesy grins and flirting and outgoing. It's funny to watch the way he plays with Jaden because Jaden will take toys away from Savino, but Savino just doesn't care, he doesn't cry or get upset, he just lets Jaden have it with this "Um, OK." look on his face. He lets Jaden get away with it, well for now at least! They still give each other those adorable kisses too, Savino with his mouth wide open and Jaden bending over with a little pucker. It's too cute!

My kids are my sanity right now, they are such good kids and they make me so proud to be a mom. I love the feeling that wells up in me when I look at them playing together, and how sweet Haley is with her brother and how much he loves her. She is the only one who can ALWAYS get a kiss from him, no matter what. I don't know what I would do without them.

Savino's birthday is fast approaching, less than two weeks and he will be a year old. It seems IMPOSSIBLE that it has already been a year! The time has gone by so quickly, from my little baby to my little man, and the time only slips by even more quickly from here on out. Jaden will be TWO soon, which also seems impossible. I can't believe how fast it goes. And here Haley is starting fourth grade next week, her last year at the elementary school (they moved the fifth grade to the middle school a few years ago, so this is truly it for her!). Where did my babies go??

Well, I am turning into a big sap now, I should probably stop before I start crying or something. I have to work on getting Savino's dressers into our bedroom tomorrow and dismantle my little photography set up in the spare bedroom, which is turning back into Chantal and Jaden's room. *sighs* I have to get everything out of the closet in there too, and move a bunch of boxes out of my bedroom to make room for the dressers and move a desk downstairs to set up another computer in the front room. Fun. Oh well. Hopefully it's not forever.

I leave you with this picture, which is my new desktop. It is actually an old one, but I have been going through and re-editing a few with some different techniques and I like this better than the original.


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