Monday, July 7, 2008

They Were Doing It In Texas

It was a pretty low key day. The most exciting thing we did was go to the grocery store. Woohoo. Tim was on call and was called in NINE times. Yay for the money but boo for being gone all the time. On the bright side, that means his next check will have the pay for 12 calls on it. Which is good because I will need that money to buy his birthday/anniversary presents.

T-minus 3 days and counting until VACATION. All two and a half days of it hehe. I probably shouldn't be getting all excited over it, but I am nonetheless. We made reservations to rent a minivan to drive for those two and a half days and got a sweet discount because Tim asked for the hospitals discount and it saved us like $70. Gotta love that! At least the hospital is good for SOMETHING. We are supposed to be able to get a discount on our AT&T wireless bill, everyone else at the hospital does but Tim has been unable to get AT&T to figure it out and give it to us. That sucks because it's a substantial savings, it would be like $30 a month off. *shrugs* Oh well.

I have so much cleaning to do that it's ridiculous. I need to sweep and mop the entire downstairs, dust, take the recycling to the dropoff, de-cat fur the house, vaccuum the downstairs and upstairs again, wash and fold and put away about ten loads of laundry, clean and organize the guest room, clean Haley's bathroom, pack for me and Savino and Haley (including packing baby food, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, etc.). I am leaving something out too.. Oh, do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Make arrangements for someone to feed and let out the dogs (probably Eleni). The litterboxes need cleaned and the mudroom could stand to be organized as well, but it's not as immediate. I have like two days to do all of this in because we are picking up my mom from the airport on Wednesday afternoon and will be gone most of the day and then we leave the next morning. Yeah. Good times. Just shoot me now!

I have become the crazy coupon lady. I have a coupon organizer STUFFED with coupons. I am resisting the urge to go buy something just because I have a coupon for it. On the bright side, I haven't bought groceries or anything at CVS without using at least four coupons in a week or two and I have saved a good bit of money already. I have managed to actually make money at CVS and have about $30 to spend over the next month in ExtraCare bucks. They have diapers on sale this week, so I don't have to worry about buying diapers for awhile. That rocks. Tim is entirely bemused by my coupon mania, but he asked me today as we were leaving the store how much we saved on our groceries ($5). If only you could use a coupon for gas.

I have become addicted to the Green channel. I watched a show today while nursing Savino that tested a hybrid truck vs. a gas Silverado and I was surprised that the hybrid was actually pretty decent. While 24 mpg or 30 or whatever they get is hardly impressive, it's better than 10. I'd still rather have a 4 dr. Prius. I saw one at the gas station about a month ago and it was easily the size of my Malibu and it looked cool too. I should have asked the dude who was filling it up how often he had to fill up. I think I would be able to stretch it out if I had a hybrid, I can get pretty good gas mileage in the Malibu just by driving smart. And lately I've been not driving much at all, we don't run around very much. It still SUCKS to fill up though, I put in $15 and didn't even get half a tank the other day. *sighs* Once we have the Malibu paid off, maybe then we can get a hybrid.

Savino and I fell asleep on the couch this evening and it started really storming. I mostly just dozed, but Savino passed clean out. I put on the Boobahs and at first he half sat up while nursing so he could watch it, but then I managed to convince him to lay down next to me on the couch and he could see the top half of the TV past me while he was nursing, so he just slowly passed out and then fell asleep hard. He slept for about an hour but I woke him up when it was almost 7 and time for dinner. I think he woke up even more tired than he went to sleep, he was looking mighty sleepy at the table. Hopefully he will sleep well tonight. I am definitely definitely tired.

On that note, 9 pictures for you and I am going to bed.

My handsome boy!

My moody girl.


Feed. Me. NOW!

4th of July, Family style

Haley and Tim

Eleni and Therron

My MIL's hooch! Wild Cherry!


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