Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Say A Little Prayer For You

Just a brief one, my eyes are slamming shut, it was a long day.

I am celebrating tonight because, with the help of a very easy to understand tutorial, I figured out how to replace the broken zippers in the five pairs of jeans I had sitting at the bottom of my closet with broken zippers. I am SO HAPPY. Two of the pairs of jeans I have never worn. I bought them at a sale at my favorite discount clothing store, they sell seconds and end of the season lines and irregulars, etc. from lots of different stores. The clothes are great, but sometimes there's some small thing wrong with them, a snag or stain or slashed tag or broken zipper. I bought two pairs of jeans at one of the summer sales before I got pregnant with Savino and didn't check the zippers. Yeah, mistake. I held onto them though in the hopes that one day I would find someone who knew how to replace the zippers, or figure it out myself because I got the jeans for such a steal, I didn't want to throw them away or donate them. Well, thank god for my inability to part with clothing because I just literally doubled the amount of jeans I have by spending $5 on zippers. I don't have to go shopping for new jeans! It seems like a small thing, but I am so so so happy. I haven't finished putting in the new zippers, I still have a few pairs of jeans to go, but it only took me maybe an hour to do the first one because I didn't quite know what I was doing and had to stop and check the tutorial a few times. Now I know how to do it, it seems so easy.

Part of what took so long with the first pair of jeans was in trying to figure out which one of the feet on my sewing machine was a zipper foot. Um yeah. I plead ignorance. I have never used anything but the foot that was on it and didn't know what was what. I had to sit and Google for a bit to figure out which one it was and how to use it. At least now I know!

Our town. So dumb. They had their fireworks display TONIGHT. And here I was planning to do the whole fireworks thing on the 4th. You know. When everybody does. I think there's been some sort of collaboration with the other towns around here so that everyone's is on a different day and our towns happened to be tonight. I'm kinda pissed because had I known, we would changed our plans for tonight to accomodate them. Fortunately, we could see the fireworks just fine from our front yard and Tim went upstairs and woke Haley up to watch them from her bedroom. It seemed like it was much shorter this year than last year, but it was alright. So now I don't know what we are going to be doing for the 4th other than going to Tim's moms.

Ok, too tired to keep my eyes open. I am for bed. Me and my newly zippered jeans!


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