Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Sun Son

I had an incident yesterday in the parking lot of Walmart (I was not surprised. People act extra stupid in the parking lot of Walmart). I pulled into a parking space and parked and was on my cell phone calling Tim to ask him if he needed me to go to Lowe's for something. A soccer mom in a minivan tears through the parking lot and pulls into the space next to me and managed to park such that the rear end of her minivan was literally maybe a foot from the front end of the car, and her passenger side was right up against my passenger side. If there had been someone in the front passenger seat, they would not have been able to get out without opening the door into her van. She got out and walked around to get her kid out and LOOKED DOWN at how close she was to the car and then turned around and walked away, swinging her Coach purse the whole way. I said loudly, "You better hope I don't open my car door into your van". She turned around and looked at me and then kept going. I was seriously So. Tempted. to just open the car door into her van a few times and leave a few dents, but I am trying to practice good karma.

Just, if you can't park, cool, give yourself an extra parking space of buffer room. If you choose to park poorly, and leave it like that, don't be surprised if you piss people off. She was literally ON the yellow line of the parking spot. Arg! It just made me mad. Zen, zen, zen. I suppose that's what I get for going to Walmart!

Today was a pretty low key day except for having to go up to the hospital twice for things Tim forgot at home, first a cake I made for him to take in and then his lunch. Other than that, just picking Haley up from the bus and then making dinner, which turned out good. Meatloaf, I am trying to perfect my recipe. It's pretty good now, but I keep trying variations to find something perfect. We had corn on the cob, and mixed vegetables and green beans and garlic bread. I made a few chocolate walnut cookies for dessert, just the break apart and bake kind, so I only made enough for each of us to have two. I think everyone enjoyed dinner, and it felt good to cook again. I go through phases of cooking every night and then not feeling like cooking at all and Tim cooks instead or we eat whatever we have on hand that can be thrown into the oven, fish sticks or chicken or whatever. Most days it seems like Savino's fussy evening time coincides with dinner. It will be easier when Haley is out of school because she is an excellent distraction for Savino and she can supervise him having a snack or give him a bottle while I cook.

Tim has an appointment to meet with a guy from the water dept. at the little house on Friday to evaluate what we are going to have to do with the meter situation. When the guy repaired the meter last week he told Tim that they are making everyone upgrade their meters to these new ones that will require us to either completely change all the plumbing and purchase an upgrade kit that is $135 or dig a huge hole in the yard and tear up the sidewalk and all the concrete between the shutoff in the yard and the house to replace the pipes from the shutoff to the house. I am so pissed off about the whole situation. Either way, we are being screwed. I guess we'll just see what the guy says on Friday, but I am sure it will be "you have no choice". If we had not needed the meter fixed, they would never have said anything about upgrading the meter. It's just one stupid thing after another, I swear. I think we will probably end up having to purchase the upgrade kit and redoing the plumbing again. Tearing up the sidewalk and replacing all the outdoor pipes is just way too much and too expensive right now. At this rate we will NEVER get our renters into the house. At least eventually we will be able to recoup the cost through the rent, but still. Suck. Think good thoughts. Maybe they will show up and go, "Oh we take pity on you, we'll leave you alone". We got the bill for the part of the meter they replaced. It was just this one plate that is designed to crack if the water in the pipe freezes, and I'm sure it costs them $1 but they charged us $11 for it. Which is FINE with me, but then they also said that we will get a seperate bill for the labor, and truck time costs. Tim said it took the guy all of a minute to replace, so it better not be a big bill. I will be so glad to put all of this crap behind us. Burning the stupid house down looks better and better every day.

I leave you with the sweetness. He is getting too big! When he nurses, his body hangs half off my lap. *sniffs* I think back to when he was born and I could only nurse him in the football hold and I just laugh at the thought of trying to get him in that position now. He is way too big!

Here's to hoping we get a night of sleep. Last day of school for Haley tomorrow!


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