Sunday, June 8, 2008

I put on a documentary about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and I can't handle it. I have become such a wuss. I get too emotional. It's the pictures and video of the little kids and babies burned and dead and injured, it got to me. Anyone who thinks that war is no big deal needs to watch this documentary. It's pretty horrific.

Poor Tim. He was on call for restraints this weekend, if a kid was restrained he has to go in within an hour and do a physical on them. He was on call 8am to 8pm Saturday and today, and he did 22 physicals. TWENTY TWO. Insane. He was so frustrated by the end of the day today. They even called him at almost 9pm tonight after he was not on call anymore, so the madness is STILL going on. At least he gets paid per incident, so he made quite a bit, but still, he was gone the entire weekend practically. He had to help Jay install their new hot water heater too, so he was gone all today from 8am until almost 8pm.

I bit the bullet and got my hair cut on Saturday. I didn't get anything too drastic done, just half an inch off the ends and then I had long bangs cut in. I haven't had bangs in like 15 years. But I felt like I needed a change and have been thinking about it. I like the result, but I will have to straighten them every day for it to look right, because they look a little crazy curly. At least it only takes like a minute to do. I gave the hairdresser a huge tip because I made her flat iron my hair and it took her like an hour to do and she was 8 months pregnant. I figured since I go like 7 years between haircuts, I can afford to give a big tip when I get it done. I really like the result, but I don't think I will go back anytime soon.

We went to this Father's Day cookout on Saturday at Tim's mom and dad's. Don't get me started on why the father's day cookout is like a week from Father's Day. We got there an hour late because Tim was, of course, at the hospital, and we left after 45 minutes because, of course, Tim got called back into work. It was alright, nothing exciting. Tim's brother had some chick there, but he didn't introduce us to her and she didn't introduce herself and I didn't get a chance to sit down and talk to her because I was wrangling Savino and then eating and then we had to leave. So I have no idea who she was.

Today Haley and Savino and I went to the pool again, and Savino got in the big pool for the first time. I got them both inflatable pool things, just a plain ring for Haley and a baby float seat for Savino. He loved being in the big pool! We were in for about half an hour just floating around and he was splashing and babbling and enjoying himself. We got out when the adult swim time started and dried off and reapplied sunscreen and later he played in the baby pool, standing up at the side and splashing his hands in the water on the concrete. He seemed to really enjoy himself! We stayed at the pool for three hours, Haley was in heaven. She didn't even complain when it was time to leave, which was nice. Her swimming lessons start tomorrow morning, hopefully she will have a good time and not be grumpy.

Savino has yet to sleep through the night again, and I am so tired. I just keep reminding myself that it will happen, he's done it before, he will do it again. I am hoping that he has a very restful night because he played hard at the pool and didn't take an afternoon nap at all.

Tomorrow we have to go grocery shopping and order Haley's cake for her birthday. Tim's mom said she assumed we were having a party for Haley on Father's Day. I want to wring her neck. NO! We are having a party for Haley on her birthday! Not on Father's Day! I am not trying to have people over to my house, yet again. I really wanted to just have a low key thing with just our little family. I didn't want to have everyone over, much less cook for them. I am very disgruntled with Tim's mom. This will be the THIRD time in like a month and a half that someone has suggested that we have something at our house. Whatever.

I have yet to buy Haley any birthday presents either. Suck. I will have to go shopping one night after putting the baby to bed. I know what she wants, I just need to get out there and get it.

It wasn't much of a weekend, if you ask me. Tim wasn't around, and we didn't really do anything weekend-ish. I had a good time at the pool with the kids, but we're going to be at the pool a LOT this summer, so it's hardly anything to get excited about. Tim said he might ask for Friday off, that would be nice, but I am sure he will end up working on the little house, because he didn't get out there at ALL this weekend. Oh well. It is what it is.

Chantal borrowed more money off us this weekend, to pay us back on Friday or next weekend or whatever. I just kept my mouth shut. If you don't have anything nice to say, right?

I can't wait to go on vacation. I am so. ready.


Dana said...

I need a vacation SO BAD right now, but it keeps getting postponed because they pretty much need me at work all the time. :P Also I REALLY need a haircut -- it's totally weird right now because it's like.. growing out from short. I don't want to grow it out yet though, so I'm getting it cut short again, but don't have the $$$ to do it till toward the end of the month. :P WAH! Anyway, glad I stopped by to catch up on your blog. :) Also -- stupid people in the WalMart Parking lot = HAAAAAAAAATE.

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