Friday, May 23, 2008

Catching Up

Wow, it's been awhile since I have sat down and updated. It's been crazy. Eleni had her baby! She went a bit early though, she wasn't due until June 17th, so it has been a little complicated. The baby was born with fluid in his lungs and developed a little bit of pnumonia and had a heart murmur that disappeared after 24 hours, but has been on a feeding tube and had to have oxygen for 24 hours as well. Eleni was in the hospital for 48 hours but the baby has to stay until next week :(. Oh, yeah, she had the baby on the 20th! So, it has been a little crazy. I was up at the hospital first waiting for her to birth and then to visit afterwards and then she came over to the house so I could give her my pumps and all the supplies that went with them. Since she can't breastfeed right now (and don't get me started on them not letting her breastfeed, it's beyond ridiculous!) she is pumping every two hours to try and get her milk to come in so that when the baby is finally released she will be able to feed him.

We've also been working on our Little House, doing some renovations before our new renter moves in next month. I had no idea it was in the state that it was in. I could kill Tim's brother, but I better not get started on THAT either. Let's just say there is a lot to be done and not enough time to get it all done in. Thankfully this renter is just really grateful to be renting it out and is not upset by the condition. We are working on the house on the weekends, and it is difficult when we have the kids with us to get any real amount of work done because of having to stop to deal with the baby. Unfortunately we don't have any reliable babysitters so this weekend will be the last weekend that me and the kids are going out to the house. I am going to try and get the last things that I need to do done tomorrow and then next weekend Tim will go out by himself and stay out there all day to tend to his list. My responsibilities are all cleaning related and hopefully I can get it all done in a few hours. Haley is SUCH a big help with Savino while we are out there, she plays with him and keeps him entertained, but it's near impossible for me to work in the same room with them because if he sees me, he wants me to hold him or nurse him or play with him. Momma's Boy! It's sweet, but not conducive to getting anything done!

I managed to help Tim get some yardwork done this evening after giving Savino a bath. He played happily in his exersaucer on the porch and I watered and fertilized the plants and pruned my cherry bushes and the willow tree in the front yard and then managed to rake up the grass cuttings from where Tim mowed. Everything looks decent enough for now, but I am not pleased with it overall. The front flower bed either needs mulch or a lot more plants. Oh well. It is like the very bottom of the list of things we need to do!

Supposedly my brother in law is going to spend the night with us tomorrow night in preparation for this BBQ that he wanted to have Sunday at our house. Because we have the big house, we get to host the BBQ. Fun. I was a little irritated actually, because didn't we JUST do something for Mother's Day at our house? Why do we have to do this? It would be one thing if it was just like, hey, we are bringing all this food and whatever and all you have to do is let us use the house, but it's NOT. It's "Why don't you buy a bunch of food and cook it and then we will come over and eat it?" Whatever. I'm not stressing out about it. I will do what I can to clean and get things looking decent and I bought some food but if people aren't happy with it, tough.


Just hanging out

Trying to get a look at Steve. He LOVES his kitty cats.

This is what happens when you try to change the diaper. Actually, I was letting his butt air out and he decided to take off on me. Can you say BLACKMAIL?

Steve is unphased.

Baby butt!

A different day. Just checking out the floor.

Hi Savino!

Baby in a cage! We traded out the PacknPlay for a play yard now that the kid is mobile. It keeps him in a safe babyproofed area and the dogs away from him. They tend to get overexcited sometimes and he has been run over a few times and it scared him. He loves having all his toys right there to wreck.

He is practicing standing up. He is SO CLOSE to being able to pull himself to a standing position, and getting a lot better at keeping his balance standing up.

In the hospital's waiting room while we were waiting for Eleni to give birth. Everyone kept exclaiming over how cute and well behaved he was. I said, "Don't be fooled! He is a hellion at 2am!"

He was very upset and hurt that I wouldn't let him put a rock in his mouth and told him No.

Yeah, see the big fat crocodile tears? He is giving me his "How could you do this to me Mom?" look.

He saw Tim and decided he was done with me and my camera and my telling him no. He's out!

I can't get over how big he's getting. Almost 9 months old! They grow up too fast.


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