Friday, May 16, 2008

So. Much. Sinus pain. Arrrrg. Last night it took two naproxens, one darvoset and two tylenol before I got any relief, and by that point my stomach was all, "Don't you dare take anything else." It sounds like a lot, but I swear, it wasn't. Well, maybe it was but when you're IN PAIN it all seems reasonable.

Savino helpfully woke up at 4am for a feeding and to play and I took 4 ibuprofen then and staved off the yuck but then I somehow convinced him to fall back asleep this morning so I overshot the window of overlapping painkillers and am trying to dig my way back out of crippling pain so I can go run errands. It's a ridiculous amount of pain too. I don't think I need to see a dr. because, TMI, my snot is still clear and I'm not running a fever or anything, I just have so much sinus pressure that is causing immense pain. It is all over the left side of my face too, from the top of my forehead down the side of my nose radiating into my sinuses. It's like the most excruciating migraine but all centered in my face. Yeah. Fun! I took two naproxen and am waiting for them to kick in. Pleasepleaseplease.

I celebrated at the sight of our bank balance this morning, thank you stimulus check! Of course, what isn't already theoretically spent is going back into our savings, but whatev. It's nice to look at for now.

The baby was playing so nicely a moment ago and now he is fussing at me. He is probably ready to be let out of his cage and go do things in the car, but I need a minute still. I also dressed him inappropriately, thinking that it would be warm today. Yeah. Right. It's 51 degrees right now. So I need to take him back upstairs and find him some warmer clothes. Fortunately, all his clean clothes are folded, unfortunately, they are all stacked in piles on the floor of his room. I got that far before he decided he was done entertaining himself crawling around the floor next to me.

He is whining at me. I can't take it! He whined at me all last night, it was awful. Dinner was him whining, whining, whining, finally taking a bite of food, and then whining some more. I wondered if maybe HE was having sinus pressure or pain, and gave him half a dose of Motrin. I don't know. He slept alright, aside from the reawakening at 4am.

I have about a billion errands to run today of course and it is rainy and wet and cold outside. ASDFG!@W@#E And don't get me started on the price of gas. I spent part of yesterday researching electric cars and with our winter climate, it's probably not a good option for us until they make better electric cars. I want to get a hybrid, but the wait list around here is excruciating and the price makes me get hives. Eventually we will, but maybe we can find a used one for less than $30,000.

It makes me so mad how the oil industry has affected our society so much when it comes to affordable non-oil alternatives when the rest of the world has great access to alternative energy and alternative fuel cars and really high quality public transportation. And the sad part is that our society, the US, just sort of sits back and says well what can we do about it? Nothing will ever change. As a society we are too wrapped up in our little problems to think about dealing with big ones. It is so disheartening and frustrating. Why do auto manufacturers even make vehicles that are not hybrid or flex fuel or electric? It's ridiculous. $4/gallon gas wouldn't be a big deal if we only had to buy gas once a month. Or less.

Oh well. I get so frustrated that I do the American thing and just find something else to focus on because if you think too long about it, it makes you want to stab your brain out with a toothbrush.

Oh, the boy will not let me finish this entry, and somewhere in that last paragraph I think the sinus pain finally dissipated, so I am out.


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