Monday, May 12, 2008

A Plague On Your Mother's Day

Well, it was a lovely Mother's Day... except I was SICK. Yeah, I got the plague. Full on body aches, stuffy head, runny nose, cough, everything. Bless my poor husband, he saved the day by shoving a darvoset down my throat which made me feel infinitely, infinitely better. We started cooking for brunch about 10 and by 11, Eleni and Chyron were the only ones who had shown up and I said screw it, I am hungry, we are eating. Everyone else rolled in just as I finished setting the food out on the table. *insert eye roll*

Poor Tim was on call this weekend and got called into work right as we were about to eat. *sighs* There were two patients he had to see so he ended up missing almost ALL of breakfast. Poor guy. He made eggs, bacon (which I got NONE of, stupid family ate all the bacon before I even got a plate of food), sausage, fried potatoes, cut watermelon, regular pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes, toast, chocolate fondue with strawberries, angel food cake, and marshmellows, and coffee, juice, and milk. What I got to eat was so good!

Savino couldn't last and despite having Chyron running around with Haley, he fell asleep in his bouncer seat and slept until almost everyone had left. It was kinda nice! I got to sit and eat and visit without a squirming baby in my arms, though every five seconds someone asked me, "Where's the baby?"

All in all we had Tim's mom and dad, his sister and her fiancee, Eleni and Chyron, and briefly two of our neices who left right as they got there to drive home so one of them could get going to Wyoming. Tim's brother Jamie arrived after breakfast was over and only stayed for 2 minutes. Jerk. I hate him.

Anyway, after breakfast I helped Tim clean up and fed the baby and then we had to go to Lowe's to get a part for our downstairs toilet and the rest of the peel and stick tile for the bathroom floor. We also went to Toys R Us and got Savino's playyard so that he can crawl around to his heart's content in a confined area.

I know some parents are all "play yards are CRUEL" but I really don't care what those parents think, the boy is so happy that I am not chasing him down and pointing him in another direction and he can crawl around and around and around to different toys and play. I can actually work and keep an eye on him at the same time. Of course, the downside is that I got a super big play yard and it pretty much takes up the entire living room. I think I can shift some things around so that it is better situated, but it is just big, so there's not much you can do about that. I love that I can take it outside and let him crawl around in the grass so I can garden.

Of course, I can't do that today because it is FORTY FIVE DEGREES outside. I am so so upset. Winter Takes Its Revenge, Part XV. I mean, it's not enough that I am all plaguey and sick, but it has to be COLD on top of it? It's the middle of May! WTF?!

Yeah. Nice.

So last night after we got home from Lowe's and Toys R Us, I passed out in the recliner with the baby and he nursed for about an hour and a half while he slept. I woke up feeling like The Poo all over. It was awful. I tried to feed the baby dinner, but my head was throbbing, my back hurt, I was just pathetic. I begged Tim to take a break from working on my lighting stuff to finish feeding the baby and I just sat at the table with my head in my arms. Tim convinced me to take another one of his darvosets and I did and started feeling better after about half an hour.

I feel really bad taking his painkillers! He needs those, to sleep at night. I mean, I know he wouldn't have pushed them on me if he couldn't spare them, but still, I just felt bad. But, they helped so tremendously and are safe for breastfeeding, and I felt so human again after they kicked in... I was sure to tell him thank you like fifteen times so he knew how much I appreciated it.

I ended up in bed before 10 because Savino was super restless and needed me to be right there or he wouldn't sleep. I am sure that he is not feeling too good either, but at least he didn't get the brunt of it thanks to nursing.

Today is going to be the most low key day EVER. We are staying at home, in pajamas, all day. Savino let me sleep in this morning by falling asleep next to me in bed so we slept until 9:30 and then had breakfast (which I can't taste thanks to the stuffiest nose in the west). He is playing with all his toys and will probably succomb to another nap in a bit, and I might join him. I am going painkiller free right now and I feel like The Poo again. All I am going to do today is work and baby, and we are eating leftovers for dinner and that is all.

All in all, I had a very very nice Mother's Day. Tim cleaned the kitchen several times and cooked dinner, and let me take a nap with the baby and finished my lighting supplies (which I need to test out tonight because I am shooting Eleni's maternity portraits tomorrow), and gave me painkillers and was very nice to me in general, even when I was snappy and not feeling good. I told him several times thank you, and he told me he felt bad for not getting me a card, but I didn't care. While it totally was not my idea to have our entire family over for brunch, it was delicious and nice, and I think everyone enjoyed it. Tim gets lots of bonus points for being a very good husband to me, I have no complaints about my Mother's Day, other than being very ill. Oh well, you can't have it all... where would you put it?

On that note, I am going to work and drink some coffee (which I can't taste) and pound down some more Vitamin Water and entertain the baby. Happy Monday.


Dana said...

YO!!!!! :) Thanks for finding me. I was sick last week!!! :P Stupid sick.. ugh. I can't stand it. I want to DO things and I can't stand feeling like I have to lay around instead. Anyway. :) I hope we can keep in touch!!! I will favorite your blog. I usually blog on my SparkPage at (I'm zircadia on there). LET ME GET A LINK! My Sparkpage


It's mostly about working out and eating... hahaha but I don't really use livejournal much anymore. And I don't use this at all. I am the owner of MANY different online accounts, user of few. ;)

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