Thursday, May 1, 2008

Savino is thisclose to crawling! Eep! I have been saying "If only he would just start crawling!" worried that maybe he was delayed in what is supposed to be a big milestone for his age. Now I am all TOOSOON about it! Well, it is exciting to watch him try and get it. He has just figured out that he can move his arms forward and then he gets up on his toes and hops himself forward onto his knees. It is quite a process to watch!

Tim is on call tonight and has already been back to the hospital TWICE. It is small consolation that at least he is being paid well for each call but still! He got called out right as we got home from the grocery store and from picking him up, so I got to make dinner all by myself which is always fun. Usually one of us cooks while the other tries to feed the baby because otherwise I end up feeding the boy instead of eating dinner. Tonight dinner had to wait while I tried to convince Savino that he could eat his food without screaming. At least Haley was cool with it. She is such a big help with her brother, she does such a good job entertaining him and keeping him happy when I need a minute to do something. She hung out with him this afternoon so I could take a quick shower which improved my day immensely.

I spent a good fifteen minutes on the phone with our mortgage company today and ended up not being able to accomplish ANYTHING. I was so frustrated. We got a lovely form letter letting us know that they believe our homeowner's insurance was cancelled or not renewed, which is completely 100% incorrect. We've had our insurance company fax them proof of our current policy which was paid in full by the company that we refinanced our mortgage through before they were bought out by CitiMortgage which is our current mortgage holder. All of our insurance and taxes are paid in escrow, so its not even something that is in our hands, it's all dealt with by the mortgage companies. Our insurance company has faxed them proof not once but TWICE and yet Citimortgage was still saying that the policy was expired. So I got on the phone and navigated the automated system until I FINALLY got a human being. The guy on the other end was polite and I was polite to him, and finally he said "Well, I have the fax and everything is correct on the fax but it's not correct in the system..." So I said and is that going to be fixed? Because if it isn't then Citimortgage is going to purchase a $1200 insurance policy and charge us for it, which is bull frankly. So we got to this point where I got the guy to admit that they DID have proof of the current policy with all the correct information and then he drops the bomb on me, Citimortgage doesn't have MY name on the loan account, so I cannot make any changes to our account information. Um, yeah. So then the guy puts me on hold and gets a customer service rep on the line as well and he gives me this song and dance about how they will have to send me a form to fill out with Tim and send it back in so that I can be authorized to make changes to account information.

Cue me ready to scream.

My name is on the insurance policy, my name is on the actual title to the house, and I signed about a bajillion forms when we refinanced and I KNOW that my information is on the loan account because while the loan is in Tim's name, I had to provide all my information as co-owner of the home. Oh, they'll let me make the payments on the loan, but I can't verify our insurance information so they don't charge us $1200 for their mistake. I wanted to KILL. I just said FINE, Tim will call you and verify this. I wanted to let loose all my frustrations but what would that have accomplished? There is literally nothing I can do to fix the situation until I have authorization to make changes. And let me tell you it KILLS me that they have the correct information about our insurance policy, that their information in their main system is WRONG because someone clearly did not enter correct information, but it will linger until Tim can call them all because of their stupid policy which doesn't even make sense when I am just trying to VERIFY WHAT THEY ALREADY KNOW. Arg! I HATE STUPID POINTLESS BUREAUCRACY!

It just aggravates and frustrates me that Citimortgage bought out our mortgage company, didn't transfer our loan information correctly, makes us jump through ridiculous hoops, and still won't fix what is THEIR mistake. And we're paying THEM!

Ok, I am done now. Tim will take care of it either tomorrow or Monday when he is off.

The weather got crazy cold, our furnace was running day and night for the last two days, and then today it got back into the 80's. I die. Please DECIDE what the weather is going to be, OK? This doesn't help the kids allergies/colds/whatever.

Haley has like 3 weeks of school left! We are in the countdown! I am so excited for school to be done so we can get to the good parts of summer! We are going to have so much fun this summer with me being able to actually DO things not being ridiculously pregnant! We are ready for the pools to open, ready to get to the park and play, and enjoy it.

This week has crawled by but thankfully it is finally almost over. Tim has a three day weekend, which is nice. We are going to try and get some things taken care of around the house. Fun times!


Virginia & Anthony said...

OMG! The EXACT same thing happened to me!! We got a letter from our mortgage company saying that our insurance was cancelled and I had to scramble around finding a new company and send them the information only to receive another letter saying it wasn't enough insurance (it was!) and when I called they wouldn't let me talk to them because I wasn't Ant!

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