Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I spent the evening with my head buried in geneology stuff. I have made significant progress on Tim's family tree, but I am like totally overwhelmed by the depth of the project. Just, damn. One side of his family tree is completely stalled out at his father's father and mother, the other grandfather that Savino is named for (the Christopholis). I think the problem is the whole surname-changing thing, but for the LIFE of me I can't track down what the previous name was (or how it was spelled) or anything. Oh well. Boring!

We spent the day running errands and being fools. Tim had the day off so first he returned the jackhammer to the rental place (after having used it, oh, maybe 20 minutes. At $60 for 20 minutes, that's $3 a minute when we didn't really need it in the first place. yeah.) and then by the time he had returned Savino was wide awake and I had changed him. He was basically drenched from the waist down in pee. Don't ask me how, because I changed him in the middle of the night, I guess he was a pee machine all night long. I just stripped him down, wiped him off and put lotion all over him and put a clean diaper on him and then he nursed and patted my face until Tim got back and returned to the bed with us. After some breakfast Chantal came over to work on her resume so I played with Jaden and Savino on the floor for awhile and after she left we went to run errands.

The first item of the day was figuring out what printer we needed to get. Our Dell all-in-one just DIED on me the other day when I went to print out some census records for Tim's dad. It made a clunking noise and that was it, no more printer. Something is terribly broken inside of it. So, we decided to try and find one to replace it with more inexpensive ink because Dell ink is one of the most expensive ones out there for some reason. We ended up with an Epson Stylus all-in-one that was cheaper than anything else we could find and the ink is relatively inexpensive and all the colors are seperate so you can just replace the one color you are out of rather than an entire cartridge. We went to Target so I could buy diapers because for some reason all the diapers are cheaper at Target than anywhere else. We had lunch at The Olive Garden for the LAST TIME. Their food is alright, but it's so expensive and every.single.time we go there the service SUCKS. It's always super slow and it takes forever to get your food, and when all you're eating is the soup/salad/breadsticks that is just wrong. So, no more Olive Garden. I was pissed that lunch between Tim and I was like $40 and we both had soup and salad and two appetizers. WTF? We stopped at the Russell Stover outlet on the way home to pick up chocolates for Tim's mom for Mother's day, and I oogled all the lovely chocolate. Seriously, if I wasn't diabetic and didn't care at all about what I ate, I would die of happiness in the Russell Stover store. They sell all the chocolate that is just out of it's Sell By dating for super super cheap. Like 4 huge sampler boxes for $9.99. All together. Not each. Yeah! I wanted evvvvverything, and they had all the Easter candy on sale as well, it was so tempting! I got some sugar free coconut egg things that are pretty good for being sugar free, and Tim got a few sugar free hollow chocolate bunnies for Haley and himself, but that was it. Got two big boxes of the premium specialty samplers for Tim's mom as well, she ought to appreciate that. Of course, to top it off, they have a bakery and ice cream shop in the outlet store, as if shelves upon shelves of assorted chocolates and candy is not enough. The sales ladies kept trying to give Savino candy and I kept saying, "He's too young! He doesn't eat any of that yet!" and fending them off. It's sweet when people try to give you things for your baby, but for real, he's a BABY. He doesn't need chocolate! They seemed to think that was mean, but they don't have to get up with him at 3am with him screaming his head off because his stomach can't handle it. Babies don't need candy! Hell, *I* don't need candy!

We came home and I nursed the boy, and went and got Haley from the school bus and then we had to run down to the fireplace store to pick up the doors to our fireplace that were being repaired, the glass needed replaced in one and put back together. We initially paid a ridiculous amount of money because we thought they were going to have to use this special ceramic glass for the door, but I sent them some pictures of the fireplace and after looking it over they discovered that the doors were originally tempered glass, which was about $120 cheaper than the ceramic. Anyway, today they finally refunded all that extra money that they have been holding onto for us for almost a month. I had come into the store pissed off because over the phone the guy who had called told Tim that they had used the ceramic and I was ready to KILL someone because we had told them to get the tempered glass instead because of the difference in price. Turned out the sales guy just didn't know there had been a substitution and it was fine, we got our refund with no issues. Thank goodness. I was ready to go off, Tim had already had to calm me down once on the way over there because I got all heated thinking they were trying to rip us off for $100. Alls well that ends well.

So, the new printer works well, the new fireplace doors look good and next winter we will be able to have fires whenever we want without the downdraft blowing smoke in the room because of a missing door. Woo!

It is late, and I should be in bed, and I know the second I drift off Savino will wake up because that's how it's been. He teases me with a night of sleep, and then a week of waking up twice a night. *sighs* I know when he weans he will start sleeping through better, at least I hope, so I am not trying to rush it because I'm not ready for him to wean yet, but still... maybe a few more nights of uninterrupted sleep would go down nicely. On that note...


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