Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Savino has tooth #5 and #'s 6 and 7 are so.close. to popping through as well. Will someone please tell my son to STOP GROWING UP?!

He is 8 months old today. Insane. Just insane! Time is flying by. I am still paranoid over every little thing, every little cough, but he makes me so so so so happy, it is ridiculous. I saw a shirt today at Steve and Barry's that I must get him, it says "I was worth the wait". He was! I waited 8 years for him, and he was worth every minute.

Fingers crossed that he sleeps a little better tonight. I gave him half a dose of Tylenol because he was crying and chewing on his fingers at the same time, which is such a pathetic sight. Poor guy. He is in such a rush to get all these teeth!

Today I discovered how to get my kid to eat bananas. He doesn't care for them pureed or mashed up, but ate 4 slices of banana cut up into wee little peices. He loved it. So, I am going to start cutting up his usual purees into small peices and letting him eat that way in addition to the puree and cereal. It was like, duh, he's 8 months old, of course he might like trying some finger foods, but at the same time I was surprised. I only gave him a peice of banana because I was eating one while feeding him breakfast and he kept looking at my banana and smacking his lips which is his "Ok, I want some of THAT" cue.

It was in the 40's today. Winter has come back for one last AHAHAHAHAHA in my face. Of course, since I JUST put all Savino's winter clothes away, right? I had to dig out a sweat suit to bundle him up in.

I wanted to smack the cashier at Kroger's today. She was completely unfriendly, unhelpful, curt, and acted like she was put out ringing up my 5 items. I had both kids with me and Savino was losing it because he didn't want to be in the shopping cart anymore. I just wanted to snap at her, "Look, it's not MY fault you work at Kroger's. Go work somewhere they appreciate a surly attitude." I bag my own groceries, I am always polite and say thank you, I don't need nastiness from a 19 yr. old cashier. Oh well, I got to walk away from her and she had to stay at her obviously unpleasant job where she is probably getting paid minimum wage to be surly to customers. That's karma.

Ok, time for bed.


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