Friday, May 9, 2008

I am trying to kill some time before my MIL supposedly comes over so we can go to a few garage sales. I don't know for sure if she is or not though, so I have to sit and wait but if she isn't here in half an hour, screw it, I'm going without her. I blame Tim for this, he suggested that we ride together. I am not into the idea. But, I will play nice.

Tomorrow night we are going to Tim's mom's for our neice's graduation party, she's graduating from college and then leaving on Tuesday to go to Wyoming to start a 5 month animal medicine internship. She is excited, and her mom is totally not. Oh well, kids gotta grow up sometime. I'm sure I will be there myself soon enough. Then Sunday we are having the hated Mother's day brunch here. I am still irritated, by the way. Oh well.

Tonight Haley is going to the Spring Dance at her school, against my better judgement. The only reason I'm letting her go is that it is only Pre-k to 4th grade, so she will be one of the older children there. She REALLY wanted to go and was so so excited when I told her she could last night. Some of her friends are going too, and she is looking forward to having a good time with them. It only lasts for 2 hours and I am sending Tim to take her and I think he will stay for a little bit to make sure it's all good. *sniff* She's too YOUNG to start going to dances and socialising like that!

I think I am going to enroll her in Girl Scouts this summer. She will benefit from it, I think there are a few girls in her class who are also in the local Girl Scouts and I think she really needs to start forging more friendships with her classmates. I mean, she has tons of friends at school, but she only plays with a few of them outside of school. Girl Scouts will be a good way for her to have something to do during the summer, and she is all about doing crafts and that sort of thing. I am just in FEAR of selling cookies and fundraisers and that sort of thing. I don't want to get roped into being the parent volunteer. I am too lazy for all that.

Hm. My MIL better hurry the hell up. Savino is starting to get cranky and it will be naptime soon. We don't miss naptime if we can avoid it. Naptime is sacrosanct.

I had some crazy ex dreams last night. I woke up feeling all disoriented. I've been having lots of those lately for some reason.

Also, I covered up a window in our bedroom that was letting light in in the mornings and I think waking Savino up, and for some reason, it totally messed with me last night. I think I was used to the little bit of light that came in during the night from the street lights and every time I woke up, I was confused. Of course, that could just be because I am always confused, who knows?

I let Savino crawl all through the house yesterday since the floors were clean. He thought it was wonderful. He crawls so fast! It's like once he figured out crawling, there is just one speed, and that is SUPERLIGHTNINGFAST. You can't leave him on the floor and walk away to do something really quickly, even use the bathroom, he is up and out in seconds. He went into the dining room and banged on the hot air registers on the floor and then made his way into Haley's playroom. He was just looking around at everything and manuevering around. It's amazing to me how quickly he is growing up.

I did something stupid last night, well it was unintentional, but still stupid. I always take my rings off to put lotion on Savino because the Aquaphor is some seriously greasy stuff. I set them down in his crib because we were on the bed right next to it, and I have always remembered to put them back on but last night Tim came in while I was greasing the baby up and I totally forgot to put them on. I left them laying there in his crib! I only remembered this morning when I got up and was getting him changed and realized I never did put them back on. I freaked out. Fortunately they were both still in the crib, though I had to hunt for them. It's just lucky that he didn't find them and put them in his mouth or something. That is the last time I will do that! I need to learn to just take them off and put them in my jewelry box when I bring the baby upstairs to do the bedtime thing, that way they will always be in a safe spot.

Alright, I am leaving this woman behind. I am bored and I want to go to the garage sales. Hopefully there will be some good condition baby boy clothes, that's all I'm after. Peace.


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