Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, last night wasn't quite as good as the night before, with Savino sleeping through the night. Instead he woke up at 3am, but progress is slow right? I am a little tired this morning. Tim didn't even remember Savino waking up last night, which just goes to show, he has it easy!

Today I am picking Haley up from school rather than her riding the bus home because we are going to visit Eleni who lives literally around the corner from the school. I am taking over all the baby stuff that I have for her stacked up in Savino's room. Her baby shower is Saturday so I figured I would get it out of the way now.

Speaking of baby shower, I am about done buying things for this baby shower! Every time I think that I am really really done, I realize I have ten more things to buy, and I still haven't gotten all of her gifts! I need to go to the store and pick up more candy for the favors too. I need to print out the thank you cards that go with the favors. See how much I have to do? Ridiculous!

Poor Savino had it yesterday with me taking him shopping too. He was DONE after about an hour and so we went home and I fed him and nursed him and let him take a nap and then when he woke up, it was back to the stores to try and finish, but it was time to go pick Haley up from the bus and take her to the library so we still didn't finish. THEN after dinner we went out to the grocery store and I tried to finish getting the candy bars for this one game we're playing but managed to forget like three of them. So, I have to go back out AGAIN at some point. Ridiculous! I also still have to buy the fondant for the cake and the filling ingrediants. Well, it will get done eventually. Friday I intend to spend the day baking so I have to have it all done by then at least. I want to get the favors done this week so I have nothing to do at all on Saturday except show up and set everything up.

I am hungry and I swear there is nothing in this house that I want to eat. I don't want to go shopping, I don't even have room in my fridge or freezer, so how can there possibly be nothing that I want to eat? I have my coffee at least. There is no life without coffee!

Well, the baby is being ridiculously cranky so that's it for this entry. I'm out.


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