Thursday, April 3, 2008


Oh last night sucked. Really really sucked. Savino has a little cold, and his nose is runny and stuffed up and he couldn't sleep very well, and to add to that, he didn't want to nurse, he wanted to scream and sit up and not lay down. I was up about three times before 6am and when he started screaming again at 6am, I thought I was going to cry. After a diaper change, nursing him sitting up, and part of a bottle (he was all about the bottle, it must be easier to drink with a stuffed up nose) after he had calmed down I realized I could put him in the swing that he has shunned for the last month or so. Either the novelty of being in the swing did the trick, or being upright so the drainage was going the right way, or having screamed himself out, something about being in the swing soothed him though he did keep reaching out and grabbing the leg of the swing and stopping it from swinging, I'm afraid he's going to burn up the motor doing that or something. Anyway, he passed back out after about fifteen minutes in the swing, I had it set up at the foot of the bed and wanted to be able to look over and see him so I put my pillows down at the foot of the bed and tried to go back to sleep. He slept for about an hour and then woke up in a good mood and nursed and played next to me for another half hour so I got a little more sleep. I got just enough sleep that I don't feel completely like a zombie, but I am still tired.

Savino is having nothing to do with the suction bulb either, I have been trying to suction out his nose before he eats so that he can nurse easier. He HATES it, in fact hate is an understatement. He was totally not pleased with that, but it does help a little bit. I might go out and get him some saline nose drops this evening. I am sure he will hate that too!

My throat is sore too, probably made worse by a night of sleeping with my mouth open and not getting enough sleep. I have a little bit of drainage but not as much as the baby. I am trying to encourage him to nurse so that he can get over it faster.

The other day the doorbell rang and it was the Schwan's delivery guy. In case you're not familiar with Schwan's it's like a home delivery food service, frozen foods I mean. I had never heard of it before, but I've seen the delivery trucks in the neighborhood before (I thought they were milk trucks actually). He left a catalog and when Tim came home he got all excited because apparently he used to order Schwans food and says it is really good. I was skeptical because the prices are kinda crazy. I mean, I guess if you figure in that you're not paying for the gas to go to the store and back, and all that, it isn't that bad, but some of the stuff is just overpriced no matter how you cut it. There were a few things I wanted to try, brown rice in a microwavable steam bag (that actually was a little cheaper than what you can get at the store and I love those things, they make getting dinner out quickly so much easier) as well as penne pasta in a steam bag, Tim wanted some potato things and ordered a pumpkin pie and some ice cream. It was about $16 for 5 items, so that isn't too bad. They come around to collect orders every 2 weeks, so maybe we will try something else next time. It's nice that there is no minimum order so if you just want to get one thing, you can. Anyway, we got our first order last night, they give it to you right when you order right off the truck. I might try one of the things of rice tonight, I'm not sure.

Tim still hasn't gotten his bonus check or payraise. Supposedly the payraise at least will be on the next paycheck. I am a little disgruntled, I think he is getting messed around with, but whatever. He's content to wait and see, so I guess I can just suck it up.

Where is spring? It's 51 degrees right now. Which is not freezing by any means, but COME ON ALREADY.

Tim has tomorrow off to take care of me and the sick baby, hopefully both of us will be on the mend by then though. Speaking of sick babies, I need to go tend to mine, he was woken up grouchy.


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