Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It looks like I will be able to squeeze in an entry while Savino is playing in the PacknPlay. He is obsessed with the strangest things! There was this plastic bubble mailer that Tim's glasses came in and he loves to squish it and crinkle it (he can't rip peices off, that stuff is like indestructible, I couldn't get the mailer open without scissors!), and I gave him three of his pairs of shoes and he loves to pull on the laces and stick his fingers in them and taste them of course. It's not like the shoes have ever touched the ground hehe. And he just sits there with his eyes really really wide just touching everything and looking at it and bouncing back against the mesh of the PacknPlay's sides. I have it arranged so I am in his direct line of sight so he can just look up and grin at me. He is playing happily at the moment.

I did a salsa dance workout before lunch while Savino bounced in his jumper. He was not too amused and kept "complaining" but he managed to last through the 15 minute workout. It felt like 45 minutes! At first it was all easy, and I was really getting into it, then there were these stretches and I'm thinking "Wow, that was a quick workout!" but um, no, that was the stretches BEFORE the workout. All of the sudden the instructor starts doing these steps that she certainly didn't teach in the warm up! I must have looked like a flapping chicken, but oh well, Savino was the only witness so who cares? It was a really fast paced routine and I really enjoyed it! I will probably record it on a DVD so I can do it again, I was doing it from the OnDemand menu and they cycle through different workouts, so if I want to do it again I have to record it. There was this 4 minute booty workout that I did too and you wouldn't think that you could really sweat from just four minutes, but you would be wrong! Then I put on the MTV Dance moves video and learned the Soulja Boy Crank It routine. Yeah, like I'll ever use it but it was fun anyway. I love dancing! Well, as long as there's no one to witness me being a fool. I used to love dancing in the club too, but lord it's been ten years since I have been in a dance club and I don't think I will be hitting one up any time soon.

It is colder today. Again. It was like 31 degrees this morning. Yesterday it was about 60, so that is a big change. Poor Savino is suffering from either allergies (which I wouldn't be surprised because Haley and I have them as well) or a spring cold because he woke up this morning with a seriously runny nose. Thankfully he's not too congested so he can still nurse without being uncomfortable and I don't have to suction his nose. He is not too pleased with me wiping his nose though. This poor kid can't catch a break. First he battles the stomach bug, then teething, and now a cold. All in like two weeks! Not fun!

I hope it is nice enough to take the kids to the park this weekend or something. We need to get out of the house, even I am starting to get sick of looking at these walls and I am the original hermit.

Eleni's baby shower is in less than three weeks! I have some cute ideas for favors and gifts to give out to partygoers but I need to get on them if I am going to have them done in time. I had the DIY Network channel on yesterday while I was nursing (the remote was on the other side of the room and I was stuck in the chair!) and they showed this really cute idea of sewing buttons on napkins to make flowers or fruit with a little added embroidery. They looked super easy to make and fast, and it would be an inexpensive gift or prize. I am really into handcrafting gifts this year (well, as long as they look nice that is!). I want to give things that will be useful and memorable.

I still have a ton of work to do to finish all the bibs that I started on. I got a large part done and then went and bought more fabric (it was on SALE!) and haven't worked on anything since. I didn't invest so much that I am feeling guilty about it sitting, but I really ought to just get it done with. If I could just take two hours to work on something, I could probably get it done but I never ever EVER have two hours to myself until after the baby is in bed and then I just want to decompress. I have all these projects staring me in the face and I just feel guilty when I want to just bury my head in a book and read instead or veg out in front of the internet with Anthony Bourdain keeping me company. Maybe if I just slowly chisel away at one project at a time... Well, it's a thought.

On that note, the baby seems to be getting bored pulling on his shoelaces and turning all his toys over, so I better wrap this up


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