Friday, April 4, 2008

It was an interesting day. I wasted most of it though. Last night was awful. Just really bad. I got maybe two hours of sleep between midnight and 6am. Savino kept waking up and crying and he couldn't get comfortable. And then when I finally got him settled, I couldn't sleep. I got up and paid some bills, worked for a little bit, and then got sleepy at 4am and... Savino woke up again. I was in tears by 8am after Tim got back from taking Haley to school. Thank god he was off work today because I think it would have been bad otherwise. He took Savino off me, he had just finished nursing, and took him downstairs and I just passed clean out. I slept until almost noon. I woke up and shrieked when I looked at the clock, I had so much I wanted to get done today. I came downstairs and kissed Tim and thanked him for letting me sleep. It was awesome to sleep myself out. Fed the baby lunch and nursed him and then we had to go run some errands.

After Haley got home I managed to get some work done on the bibs I cut out the other night. I am a little pissed that the snap press I bought SUCKS. It works for making eyelets pretty good, but it jacked up like 5 snaps. I think the hand punch works better for setting the snaps with just a hammer. Oh well. I have a few more bibs to sew, the bobbin on my sewing machine ran out of thread for the second time and I didn't feel like unthreading everything to wind the bobbin back up so I will finish them tomorrow. I need to get another towel to cut up for backing because I have even more to cut out. I am going to have a RIDICULOUS amount of bibs! That is not a bad thing with the way we go through them though, I can easily use three in a day. I am trying to make some slow and steady progress on these projects.

Chantal called this evening during dinner and asked if Laila could spend the night. I said OK but that she would have to bring Laila out (because there is no way I am using my gas to go get her so that Chantal can go out and drink). She brought her sister Prissy and both of the kids over and Laila decided after about 20 minutes that she didn't want to spend the night. I think it was because it was close to bedtime and I told her and Haley to start getting ready for bed. I wasn't surprised. Laila hasn't spent the night the last three times she's come over to supposedly spend the night. I wasn't bothered but Chantal was pissed she "wasted the gas". I was like HA! now you know how it feels! Guess you're not going out after all!

Savino was totally enamoured with Jaden. He loves babies his size. He was cooing and kept reaching for Jaden and Jaden kept trying to give him kisses but Savino likes to play coy and turn his face at the last minute until he is ready to give a kiss. Then he opens his mouth wide and slobbers all over you. But he was actually cool with Chantal this time, he didn't scream in her face. He kept smiling and flirting. It was so sweet. He can be such a flirt! He loves having an audience, he was so entertained when normally he would be flipping because it was his bedtime. I had to drag him off and send Haley up to bed because it was bedtime and Chantal left while I was getting them to bed.

Tim was asking Chantal all these questions about what she was going to do about Shawn. *sighs* So the deal is that Shawn has nowhere to parole to. He can't live with his parents because his father is a convicted felon and you're not allowed to associate with criminals when you're on supervised release. He could live with his sister, but I don't know if she is going to step up or not. I guess he is not allowed to live by himself either. We'll see what happens. I sent Shawn some money today because Chantal is being a bitch and drinking her money up at the bar rather than send him any. She told Tim she isn't taking his calls either. Whatever. I'm so over it. I keep hearing from Shawn's mom about the guys Chantal is messing around with. What I really don't get is that Chantal doesn't understand WHY Shawn's family is so pissed off at her. Um, you are CHEATING on their son/brother? Why wouldn't they be mad at you? She honestly thinks they should just act like nothing's wrong. *shakes her head* Whatever. Tim wants us to stay out of it so I am trying to stay out of it.

My nose is so stuffed up. I had to take half of one of Tim's darvosets last night because my body was aching. I really want to take some Sudafed but I am scared it will dry up my milk so I have been relying on Tylneol and ibuprofen instead, and when I can't take it anymore, I take half a darvoset. Bless the painkillers. Those things make the world alright again. He gets all the good pain meds for his restless leg syndrome.

It has been warmer lately, I can't complain. Today it got up to like 61. That was great! Except, it is raining again, of course. April showers and all that. I am so mad, something has eaten all my tulips down to about an inch of stalk. WTF? I don't know if any of them will regrow or bloom, or if I am just screwed. That sucks. I had about 6 crocus blooms and they have all disappeared too.

I ordered a crapload of prints from Snapfish. I got 106, and I ordered an 8 x 10 and a bunch of 5 x 7 prints too. I am hoping they turn out well. I have never ordered prints that big before, I hope the quality is good. Everything was about $16. That is the most I've ever paid for Snapfish prints, so these suckers better be good!

Hm, I seem to have run out of interesting things to say.


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