Saturday, April 5, 2008

Took Haley to the park this afternoon, it was the first time I have taken her out by myself without the baby since he was born, so it was nice to just have it be us again! Tim got stuck at home with the baby HA and he had to make us dinner, double HA! No, really, he didn't care, he seemed grumpy when we came home but I honestly think that he thinks I am going to just, like, LEAVE and be gone for days or something when I go somewhere without him in tow. Oh well. I took my camera to the park with us and got some nice pictures of Haley.

It was kinda chilly because it was later in the day, and we only stayed for about 20 minutes much to Haley's dismay. I told her we will come back, I am sure she will get sick of the playground before too long because we will be there all summer! They have baby swings for the boy and I am sure he will have fun playing in the wood chips and watching the big kids run around. He will probably be crawling by then and I'll be too busy chasing him to take pictures!

Every time I leave the boy with Tim, I miss him like crazy! This was maybe the 3rd time I've left him and gone off without him and it is still not easy. I even called home while we were out (we had to go to a few stores before we went home) to make sure everything was alright. I don't think he even notices that I am gone. He was happily playing with Tim on the floor when we got home.

Tim and his guitars. He is STILL obsessed. He has plans now to overhaul a guitar and put in all new components. I just shrug and nod and say OK. I don't care, he can be as obsessed as he wants.

Well, I should head to bed. I am still waking up with Savino at 4am and not being able to sleep. Last night wasn't so bad, but it is still not fun getting up at 7:30am after two hours of sleep.

Ok, I am out.


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