Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Dinner, Anyone?

Yeah, so Tim calls me at 3pm (which, by the way, woke Savino up from the nap he was taking IN HIS CRIB) and informs me that he just spoke with his mom about Easter dinner and...

We are hosting Easter dinner this year. Yes. Everyone is coming to OUR house for dinner. Why is this? Because apparently my mother in law's dog is "sick" and she is too concerned about the dog to cook dinner. Oh, they will come over to eat, but *WE* get to cook for everyone. She is going to bring over a turkey apparently, and we are cooking everything else. So yeah, nothing like last minute Easter dinner shopping, is there? Thanks Mother in Law. It's a good thing I got started on cleaning the house this afternoon before Tim called with this wonderful news. I cleaned the kitchen and swept the dining room, but I still have to declutter and mop and I am getting exhausted thinking about it.

We tried to get Easter basket things at Wal-Mart. Bad idea. There were masses of other people there and it was ridiculous. I got frustrated and Savino was crying because he was hot and stuck in his seat and it was his dinnertime, I ended up getting into an argument with Tim and we left without getting anything other than candy. So, I guess we get to try it again, take two style, tomorrow. THAT will be fun, I am sure.

We didn't have to watch Chantal's kids after all, though I am not sure what prompted the change of plans for her. She left just as soon as we got home, but she was planning on going out with one of her friends. I noticed today when she came over that she's not wearing her wedding rings anymore. Interesting.

So, I am not psyched at all about having everyone over for Easter dinner. I would have rather gone over to my mother in law's and cooked there and cleaned up afterwards than have everyone here. Tim got bitched at a little bit for agreeing without even asking me first, I was just looking forward to not having to do anything for Easter. Oh well. I hope Savino doesn't lose his mind with a bunch of strangers around him.

Savino totally could not handle having Chantal here today. She came over at 3pm, a full two hours before Tim got home from work and messed around on the computer and stuff. She tried to talk to Savino and he couldn't even bear to have her nearby, he would immediately launch into wails and tears if she even looked at him. It took him the two hours until Tim got home to get comfortable enough with having her around so that she could talk to him without him crying. He was totally OK with Laila and Jaden this time though, when they came over I was upstairs with Savino in our bedroom and Laila came in and sat down next to him on the bed and he just grinned at her. A much better reaction than last weekend, when he wailed and wailed. He has intermittent stranger anxiety it seems. He has been flirting with women in the grocery store and when we run errands. If someone admires him without getting too close, he just grins and gives them the full dose of charm. But sometimes, like with Chantal and Laila and Jaden last weekend, he just loses it. It's hard to tell which way it will go until he's either smiling or crying.

I have some of the most adorable pictures too from this afternoon. Jaden loves and I mean LOVES to give Savino kisses, most of the time Savino will allow it, and Jaden kept kissing him this afternoon. I managed to get a few good pictures to blackmail them with later, it is too cute!


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