Friday, March 14, 2008

More of the Same

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures...

He sneezed cereal all over himself. It was too funny not to catch!

Eating carrots for the first time

I somehow caught some strange eye roll!

Happy boy

Ok, so now that we've gotten THAT out of the way. Eleni came over for a little while this evening but we ended up just gossiping and eating dinner and not doing any baby shower invitations. I think she was just not in the mood for it. Plus Savino was being exceptionally cute and flirting with her.

Tim has already been called out to the hospital TWICE since he left work, so this bodes to be quite the weekend, I am sure. Oh well. He got a very very good peice of news today. The administrator of the hospital called him into her office to talk to him (and of course, I knew he would immediately think that he was in trouble because he was talking just earlier this week about being fired over that survey which ended up being perfectly fine), and closed the door and told him that what she was going to tell him had to stay in the office. She read to him a letter that she was sending to the corporate headquarters reccommending him for a 4% raise and told him that he would be getting a hefty bonus check because the hospital made and exceeded their budget last year. In fact, he is getting a much bigger bonus check this year than he got last year! Hey, I won't complain about THAT! He deserves it, really, he works his ass off and his job is a kinda sucky one that is so high pressure. So yay for that! I expect he will want to buy a guitar with it, surprise surprise lol. So I don't think he has to worry about his job security, I doubt he would be fired after being reccommended for a raise! He sent me a text telling me all of this and I had to check and make sure he was being serious! He really deserves it, I don't care how many times I repeat that, because Tim rules!

He made dinner again tonight and it was so good again, he has really been outdoing himself in the kitchen, and he has made dinner almost every night this week too! I am very appreciative of his help lately, it has been a big change from feeling like he was dragging his feet around.

I don't have any exciting plans for the weekend. I will probably go out and buy Savino's big carseat, we are definitely dumping the bucket seat soon. He is getting too big for it anyway. I think the weight limit for that seat is 22 lbs. and he is already at least 18 lbs. Sam's has the Alpha Sport seat that I liked in Toys R Us on sale, I will probably get that one. I think he will be so pleased to be up higher and able to look out the windows. I have been waiting for the weather to warm up a little more because he stays warmer tucked up in the infant seat, but he is more and more protesting sitting in it and I end up carrying him anyway, so I might as well just put him in a convertible seat. I also need to get one of those shopping cart covers that has toys and whatnot on it. I am going to work on my projects that I have started, I have to finish up what I started on Haley's family tree quilt, and I have a few knitting projects I want to try. Hahahaha, excuse me while I laugh myself silly, I should say that I have a few knitting projects that I will start and then set aside in the middle of and end up frogging in three months! No really, I am going to try and finish at least one, I found some cool patterns on Ravelry today and I think I could actually stay into them long enough to finish one. I would like to make a pixie hat for Savino and a pair of teeny tiny socks for Eleni's baby-to-be. The socks won't take long, I am going to do the wee little ones and I HOPE they won't take too long.

I spent way too much time today browsing Etsy. Well, I limited my browsing to when I was stuck sitting in the recliner nursing Savino, but still, I was captivated. I love love love Etsy. I could spend THOUSANDS of dollars, there are so many really cool things on there. I think I will be buying a lot of Christmas presents from there this year because I like the idea of giving something handmade. I was a little obsessed with some beautiful brooches and the baby stuff was just too cute too.

Speaking of baby stuff, Tim put the snaps on my bibs last night, they just need to be washed now to get all the shedding out of the terry, but they turned out pretty well! I think I will make the necks of the next ones a bit bigger, I think they need a little room to grow in them. I have 7 done, plus one burp cloth. I have a LOT more material to cut up, and I think I might go to Wal-Mart to see if they have any cute holiday fabrics on the sale tables. I would like to give Eleni 10 bibs and have a good stock for myself leftover, so I probably need to make about 30 in all. Sounds like a lot, but you have to keep in mind Savino goes through at least one bib a day, sometimes more depending on whether there are any unfortunate spit up incidents. It's handy to have a lot of extra ones around to throw in my purse or use for spills too. And they're cute! It helps that it is a quick and easy project that is almost instant gratification, I can cut, pin, sew, turn, and put snaps on in about three days at my baby-laden pace. That is record time for me! I took some pictures of the ones that I have finished, I just have to upload and resize them.

It's almost time to order more prints! Yay! I am always excited to see what the digital photos look like in actual print. I have about 200 pictures that I need to put into my scrapbook too, it is kinda ridiculous. I just haven't felt like sitting down and scrapbooking lately.

Ok, so I am done rambling now. Maybe your weekend be fulfilling and drama free!


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