Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday, Friday

Last night was the break in the restless sleeping, thank goodness. Savino slept just fine, only waking up once at 1am to nurse and then went back to sleep until 6:30am. As a result, we were out of bed at 7am when Tim and Haley got up because I felt really rested and wasn't tempted to roll over and go back to sleep. Yay for sleep! Sleep rocks.

Tim's glasses from zennioptical should be here today or tomorrow. Yay! If he is pleased with them, I am going to order a few pairs. I've been waiting to see what the quality is like, but he is really happy with the sunglasses that he already received a few days ago. I am looking forward to having new glasses!

Tim is on 24 hour call this weekend, from tonight until Sunday night. Lucky him! He thinks he will be called in a lot as well, apparently things are crazy at the hospital right now. Oh well, he gets paid $50 per call, so I won't complain about the money if he does get called in!

Savino is scooting backwards now, I have had to put him back on his blanket three times now because he has scooted himself backwards completely off it! Soon he will be going the otder direction. He gets up on his hands and knees and then flops onto his belly and it pushes him backwards. He is so silly! We have been cutting back on the solids lately, something he ate or something I ate and got passed on in my breastmilk burned up his butt and I wanted to cut way back on the solids until his butt is healed up. It's almost there, I've been putting Bordreaux's Butt Paste and some zinc oxide cream on it at every diaper change and it seems to be almost gone. He has tried sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and peas and this week the new food was oatmeal which he doesn't seem to care much for. We might try a fruit this weekend, it depends on the butt situation.

Tim has been a lot more helpful this week since I complained about the dishes and the house being a mess. He actually washed all the dishes and has made dinner most of the week, and I am very relieved about that. I was beginning to get seriously upset about the state of things, I think he picked up on it. Last night he made the most awesome steak tips with crimini mushrooms and peppers and onions and rice with corn and salad. Oh it was good. I could have had just a big bowl of the mushrooms and peppers and onions, it was delicious!

Eleni is supposed to come over tomorrow so that I can help her print out her baby shower invitations. It is almost a month away, I should probably get cracking on putting together the door prizes and games and stuff. Also I am making the cake for the party, and I will probably need to pick up some fondant for that. I think I will make a triple layer with white chocolate filling and raspberry jam and a white buttercream icing. I have to make one without a fruit filling for Eleni's mom though, so I will make at least two cakes. It has been awhile since I have made any cakes though, come to think of it. I made that chocolate flourless cake for Tim's birthday but I think that was the last time. I am kinda looking forward to getting into it again! I am actually looking forward to the shower too, I am going to leave the baby with Tim and Eleni's mom is hosting it at her place. I think we will have some fun games, and I will be taking lots of pictures too I think.

Well, I will upload some pictures and then I think I am going to need another cup of coffee and a banana. I have decided to end the caffeine strike. I don't think my abstaining has affected the boy in any way, but I will watch and see if he becomes any more restless if I start to consume more. I was looking up naproxen in a lactation and medicine safety chart and noticed that caffeine is classified as not a lactation risk, and I miss my coffee and regular Diet Coke and being able to just have a cup of tea without worrying about it. Anyway, yay for coffee!



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