Monday, March 17, 2008

Corned Beef and Potatoes

Ok, this entry will probably be in peices because the boy is fussing around on the floor and must be attended to and rescued from the various places he keeps getting himself stuck (under the bouncer, under the jumper, half under the couch, are you sensing a trend?). The crawling in reverse thing has him all sorts of pissed off. The things he wants to play with are IN FRONT of him and he just keeps going further and further backwards. And I won't let him play with my slipper, and that is making him mad because apparently it looks like a fun toy. *shrugs*

I had an exhausting morning. Savino slept well throughout the night... until about 5am. And then it was nurse/fuss/nurse/scream and flail/bottle/nurse/flail. He FINALLY passed out at 7am when Tim got up and started getting ready for work. I was all, "Wake the baby and DIE". I had to stay up for a little bit to fix Haley's hair for school. I bought her some special St. Patrick's Day hair things and had to put them in her hair for her. She was SO EXCITED that it was St. Patrick's Day.

When we finally did get up, I put the boy in his Lucky Charm t-shirt. You will see, I took pictures, of course. He is too cute. Of course, I am pretty much running on fumes today, so it is a good thing he is being so cute.

Toys R Us was having a big Fisher Price sale this weekend, buy one get one free under 20$ so we went yesterday and picked out two new toys for Savino. I feel bad that he really doesn't have a lot to play with, I mean not that a 6 mo. needs a bunch of toys but pretty much everything we do have is girl-oriented. He needed some infant boy toys. Tim picked out this tool bench musical toy and I got him a little piano thing to bang on. He doesn't seem to care much about them, he just ends up flipping them over and then banging on the underside. Oh well!

Haley's Spring Break starts Friday and lasts until Tuesday. I am kinda eh over the fact that their spring break is THREE DAYS. That seems so short to me! But, they have to make up some time for snow days, so I suppose that's why.

Ok, boy must be rescued. I'm out.

I had to put the corned beef brisket in the oven, it has to cook for like 3.5 hours. I hope it turns out ok, I didn't have a rack that would fit in the bottom of the pan so hopefully that won't be a problem. We are having corned beef and potatoes and vegetables. Mmm. Irishness.

I can't believe next weekend is Easter. I need to get off my ass and buy Easter basket stuff I suppose. Haley requested a pre-made Easter basket this year, she didn't want her expensive Longaberger Easter basket filled. *sighs* I suppose she has a few more years of Easter basket before she will be too old, but I think she is a little cheeky for ASKING for which type of basket she gets. Oh well. It is probably cheaper to buy the pre-made baskets than to fill one myself anyway. Laila won't be here so I don't have to do one for her, she is going to be in Dayton. Jaden and Savino are kinda too young really, I might do something little for both of them.

I bought one of these Woodwick candles, in case you're not familiar with them they have this wooden wick that supposedly crackles like a fireplace as the candle burns. We burned it for a little while last night, but maybe I trimmed the wick too short because it didn't crackle. It smells nice though. I wanted the scent "Redwood" but they didn't have any at the Hallmark store, so I had to settle for "Fireside" which smells good.

I didn't end up getting Savino's convertible carseat because, of course, Sam's didn't have them anymore! This is the story of my life, I postpone buying something and then when I go back to buy it, it's not there anymore! Tim gets frustrated with me because of it, but that's just me. So, I don't know which car seat I am going to get now. I went to Toys R Us where they had the same car seat but not on sale... out of stock. Well, damn. We're going to have to get one soon, the boy + the infant seat = too heavy.

A little St. Patrick's Day cuteness for you...

What's St. Patrick's Day, Mom?

Ok, just put the camera down now, ok?

No really. Put. It. Down. (And yes, I did, look how angry!)


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