Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Milestone

Savino JUST started pushing himself up onto his hands and knees from his belly, as in maybe five minutes ago. I can't believe how quickly it happens, one moment he is trying trying trying and the next, got it! It's crazy! So, crawling is not too far behind. He can push himself backwards already, going up on his hands and knees and then dropping onto his belly and then back up on the hands and knees, it moves him backwards. He wants to go FORWARDS so badly though, his toys are in front of him! He won't stay on his blanket on the floor either. So I guess the days of letting him just lay on his blanket on the floor are just about over.

*sniff* Who said he was allowed to grow up so fast??

In other, less exciting news, my laptop finally arrived but I haven't had a chance to plug it in or anything because I've been doing baby stuff and work stuff all morning, and I also have over 500 pictures on my camera that need processed, probably 200 of them are blurry or otherwise not good enough to keep but still, that's a lot of pictures to edit. So yeah, I'm going under for a bit.


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