Friday, March 7, 2008

Even More Milestones

If it wasn't enough that Savino has decided to get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth (and I managed to get pictures of this! Yay!), after nursing him this evening, he was pulling my hand to his mouth and trying to chew on his fingers. I put my index finger in his mouth (my hands were clean, don't worry!) to rub his gums which he seems to like, and what do I discover....


Yes, my son has just cut his first TWO teeth at the same time, both front lower teeth.

I just assumed his slight fever and crankiness was due to the shots he got yesterday, but I am almost 99% sure that they hadn't broke through yesterday, so sometime between then and 5pm tonight, they broke through. He has been in a much more mellow mood since then, though that might be because instead of giving him Motrin, I gave him some teething tablets. He has been extra drooly and just outright GNAWING on his fingers lately, but I just assumed that it was just more of the same, this prolonged teething. *sighs* I guess not!

I just want him to stop growing up for a second, because it seems like it is all happening all at once. I am freaking out over here! Is he just going to get up and walk away tomorrow? I am not in this big of a hurry for him to grow up! (And honestly, I am praying this isn't the start of a nursing battle where he wants to bite all the time, I will DIE).

I am typing this from my new laptop. It rocks. It even has a card slot for my SD card so I can put it directly into my computer rather than using my card reader. I love. I am going to dive into editing the 587 pictures I have to slog through now. Pictures tomorrow.


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