Wednesday, March 5, 2008

6 Month Doctor's Visit

It was a pretty good day, though I am sure if my boy could talk he would beg to differ! I did manage to miss the DHL dude and my laptop though :(. I could have had it today! (It was originally supposed to be delivered tomorrow anyway, so no real loss) Tim had the day off because it was Savino's 6 month checkup.

The boy did so good at the doctors! I was shocked! He has been going through some serious stranger anxiety where he cries if someone approaches him too quickly. He didn't cry once at the dr! Of course, our doctor rocks, he is so friendly and approachable. He was kissing on Savino and laughing with him and giving him headbutts, and Savino was just thrilled, he smiled and smiled and didn't even protest once when the doctor picked him off Tim's lap to examine him. The dr. proclaimed him in fine health, no problems, and totally adorable, he even forgave him when Savino peed all over him during the exam. Hehe. Then it was my favorite time of the exam, the height and weight check! He didn't even cry when I got him naked, which he usually does, and I plopped him on the scale and he weighs 18 lbs. right on the nose. He is 28.5" long.

Now, to put that in perspective, he was 14 lbs. 11.5 oz. at the start of January, two months ago. He was 25.5" (I think). So in two months he put on 3 lbs. 4.5 oz. and THREE inches. Insane. He is so big! It is too gradual for me to see, since I see him every day, but I knew that he was growing a lot.

It is also a big reassurance that I am still making enough milk for him because his supplemental formula intake has not grown as he has, he is still drinking the same amount that he was two months ago. Of course, he does have about 8 Tb. of rice cereal a day and 2 Tb. of either sweet potatoes or carrots, but it is always so good to have that reassurance that my body is still feeding him well!

The only part of the visit that he cried at was, of course, the shots. Poor baby, he had two shots but like 5 different vaccinations, one of the shots is a 4-in-1. This is a big improvement from when Haley was a baby and she always had multiple shots. I am also really reassured by the fact that our pediatrician believes in delaying the MMR until babies are past the 1 yr. mark. So Savino is done with shots for another six months, thank goodness. The boy only cried for a moment during the administering of the shot, as soon as the nurse picked him up off the table, he stopped crying and just sniffled and looked over at me and "complained". He is getting to be such a big boy!!

He was out of sorts the rest of the day of course, he fell asleep in the car and napped through a trip to Target, and only woke up when Tim and I went into The Olive Garden for lunch. He wouldn't eat at lunch, he wanted to nurse and wanted a bottle, but refused any solids. I couldn't fault him, I know he didn't feel good. I also stopped in at Kohl's and got Haley a t-shirt that says "My Dad Rocks" with a guitar on it (Tim was pleased by that) and I got two outfits and a onesie for Savino as well. Everything was on sale, so that was a good thing. When we got home, all Savino wanted to do was nurse and fuss. He nursed and dozed and played and then nursed again. And again. And again. It was a flashback to three months ago! All he wanted to do was lay on me and nurse, I just let him. I gave him some Motrin because he started to feel warm and was looking so puny around 3:30 and then an hour later he fell asleep while, of course, nursing and I drifted off as well and we slept from 4:30 until almost 6pm, though I kept waking up. He needed that nap, he was much better after that and managed to eat some dinner, actually he ate everything so that was good. He chilled in his high chair while we ate and then played on the floor with Tim for an hour before bed. He was ready for bedtime when we got there though, he got his nightly rub down with the bedtime lotion and sacked out while I nursed him to sleep. Hopefully he will sleep well.

Eleni came over last night to visit for awhile, we ended up feeding Chyron dinner while she and Jay went to vote, and I think they appreciated that. Chyron is too much, he is so cute! It's hard to believe he's already 3 years old. It seems like just yesterday when I was babysitting him as a tiny little baby! I filled Eleni in on the whole Chantal thing, she was aghast. I told her, I am just totally over it, what will be will be. Chantal will do what she wants and the rest be damned! I need to get in touch with Eleni's mom about her baby shower and find out what I can do for her.

I am so excited to play with my new laptop! I hope that it comes tomorrow! I am also still waiting on the pants I bought for Savino and the drums I bought for the kids to arrive in the mail, hopefully soon. Tim is still waiting for his glasses from I really hope he hears something about them soon, he is ready for them!

I really need to buckle down and list some things for sale on eBay this week, I think I will try to get that done tomorrow perhaps. I have a crapload to list! I really hope it all sells well.

I'm tired, despite the nap earlier. I haven't been getting to bed at a good time, I keep falling prey to wanting to stay up and enjoy the non-baby time, but then I pay for it at 6am when Savino starts to wake up. It's hard. I am re-reading the Dark Tower series right now and that doesn't help either, I want to stay up reading.

Tonight is the Project Runway finale! Yay! I think I will get some tea and enjoy. It is my vice. At least right when this is over, Top Chef starts again. I love my sick reality shows.

So, I have a monster child apparently hehe. According to the growth charts, he is in the 95th% for height. Big boy! Of course, his head circumference is only in the 5th%, which is slightly worrying, but until the dr. says something about it I will try not to stress over it. He has the greenlight to continue with the solids and he can have juice, but I think we will wait on that, he doesn't NEED it. I think we will try squash again tomorrow and then in a few days perhaps the green beans or peas.

I am reminding myself every single day to hold onto every moment, that his babyhood is slipping away every day and THIS IS IT. It makes the fussy moments a little easier when you can tell yourself "This is the last time he will be this little, fuss about this, need you like this". I am not in a hurry for him to grow up, but I am also really enjoying seeing him grow up. It is bittersweet!

On that note, Project Runway!


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I can't wait for top chef either!!!!

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