Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday, Monday

I'm watching this "Secret Life Of a Soccer Mom" show. I wonder what I would have done if I hadn't gotten myself a husband and kids? I can't imagine. Probably have gotten myself into a string of bad relationships. Who knows?

It was so blissfully warm today. The high was like 73. It was wonderful. Please bring on the warmer weather! Of course, tomorrow it is supposed to be like 49 and it is supposed to continue to get colder until it snows, again, at the end of the week. I can't even think about that or I will scream. It was so warm when it was time to go get Haley that I strapped Savino onto my back in the mei tai and let him pull his socks off and be barefooted in the sun. He loved it! He was totally chilled out and mellow riding on my back, just looking at everything and patting my tattoo on the back of my neck and trying to pull my hair down out of the bun it was up in. I am so looking forward to being able to do that more often!

Before we went to the bus stop, I walked around the yard with Savino showing him all the plants that are getting ready for spring. I have buds in my tulip bed! I have to go through and pull out all the dead annuals that I have let linger on past their lifespan. I saw about ten or twelve little buds peeking up through the mulch. I am so thrilled! You know when the tulips start to show that winter is on its way out. Please, please, please let it be on the way out.

I managed to take some pictures of Savino in front of my makeshift backdrop this afternoon, but I am not totally pleased with the results. I obviously have a long way to go, and I know that, and I shouldn't expect to be some fabulous photographer overnight, but I am so eager to get there. I messed around with some lights this evening taking pictures of Haley and am not pleased at all with the results, what I thought looked good didn't photograph very well. I need to get some better lighting I think. I did get some very sweet pictures of Savino though, I need to edit them but I am trying to wait until my new laptop arrives rather than put them on this one, edit and then have to burn them to CD to transfer them when I get the other laptop. If that makes any sense. Anyway, I took like 200 pictures so I should have a few that are not blurry or where I cropped the top of a head off or something. I took some pictures of Savino stripped down to his diaper wearing Haley's angel wings from her Halloween costume and they are TOO CUTE! I die! I am really hoping that my prints arrive tomorrow so I can see what the prints look like from pictures taken with the new camera.

Savino was so good today, he was in such a good mood! It was such a nice change after him being so cranky lately, he was just happy to hang out with me all day and do our thing. He even let me sleep in for a bit this morning, he nursed himself back to sleep from about 7:45 until almost 8:30 when the city helpfully started trimming trees and chipping the limbs RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW and woke us both up. Oh well, 8:30 is an hour later than I usually get! We even had to make a run to the store at the last minute this evening to get bread and milk and he was completely cool the whole time, he didn't complain once. It was such a nice change, he was so happy and smiling all day. He didn't nap very well, but I am hoping we are just passing through a growth spurt phase and he will go back to taking at least one decent nap a day. Until then, we will ride the 20 minute nap wave I guess.

Well, I suppose I ought to try and get my butt in bed before 11:30 tonight and try and salvage some sleep while I can, before the boy wakes up to eat again. Ciao.


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