Friday, February 22, 2008

Notta Lot

My poor son. He just will not settle down to take a nap this afternoon, I have nursed him and rocked him and held him, but when he started smacking me in the face and arching his back and trying to twist around, I put him into his swing and sat on the floor in front of him folding clothes while he cried and "Phbbbtttt"'d at me until he wore himself completely out and calmed down enough to close his eyes. Of course, as soon as I stood up and went to leave the room he opened his eyes and started crying. I sat down in the hall and after a minute he stopped again but I don't thin he is all the way asleep, I think he is hovering. Hopefully he will go to sleep and take a good nap. Yesterday was a fight with the nap as well, I ended up having to lay down with him and nurse him to sleep.

But, I will take the fitful nap issues because last night he slept for SEVEN HOURS uninterrupted!!! !!!!!! YES!! I was so happy. I don't know what did it, whether it was the carrots at dinner (which I doubt because he had maybe a teaspoon full), or what, but he slept from 8pm to 3am, woke up, nursed and took half of a bottle, fell back asleep until 5am, had the rest of the bottle, fell back asleep until 7am, and then I put him in bed with me and nursed him for the next hour and a half while we both dozed. We both woke all the way up at 8:30 and were both feeling good. It was so incredibly awesome to have a full nights sleep, I can't even tell you. I could get used to that, but I better not until he does it more than once a week. It was just awesome. SEVEN HOURS!!! I really hope that he does it again tonight.

The carrots, well, they really did not go over so well last night. The first few spoonfulls he just got this intensely weirded out look on his face, just making these awful faces. Then he was just totally over it and started spitting it out and gagging, I don't know if it was just the total alien-ness of the taste, or the texture, or what. He was not amused. He was much happier when we switched back to the cereal and he ate all of that happily. He did not want his bottle, again. Up until bedtime he had only had maybe 4 oz. of formula, but he had another 3 oz. when I was putting him to bed and then 4 oz. in the middle of the night.

He was a little more accepting of the carrots again at lunch today, he had another teaspoon and while he still made faces, there was no gagging or spitting it out and he opened his mouth to let me feed him more. We are taking it slowly, but he seems to be alright with them. It's not like it's a main source of nutrition.

Haley has another snow day today. We got three inches of snow and then a bunch of freezing rain so we got the call this morning at 6am that school was cancelled. Haley was so happy this morning to hear that. She has been vegging out hardcore, but she also did a few things to help me and Savino out, so I am tolerant.

My keyboard is acting funky, I think it needs cleaned. I need to get a can of that compressed air stuff and clean it out.

I think I am going to look into getting a new laptop. I need one, I've worn off half the letters on the keyboard of this one and I can write it off as a business expense on taxes next year.

Poor Tim still doesn't feel good today but he had to work because he has admissions coming in. He was going to come home early but one of his admissions is very late and it looks like he will be stuck there until the regular time waiting on them to get there. Poor guy.

I have been trying to decide whether I want to do another week of the Mother's Milk tea. It seems to have helped a little bit, it brought my supply back up to where it was when the boy was nursing every hour and a half, but it hasn't done anything spectacular. It tastes, well, bad. I just keep thinking "This is medicine" and chug back the whole cup all at once. I've been taking it 3-4x a day and I have maybe another day's worth of tea bags left. It's not terribly expensive but I just don't know if it is doing enough to keep torturing myself by drinking it.

I reeeaally need to go grocery shopping, we are out of cereal, oatmeal, cheese, basically anything easy to eat with one hand while a baby is screaming. Being on a diet suuucks, but it is even worse when you don't have anything that you can just grab to eat on the run, and lately it feels like I am always on the run.

At least it's Friday! I leave you with pictures...


In the bath with Haley


I loved how his crazy hair caught the light


Passed out for a (brief) nap


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