Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I shouldn't be surprised because after having so many babies up in my house, I should know by now, sometimes a milestone just happens, with nothing leading up to it.

Hm, what is going on in this picture?

There is something missing....

"Um, Mom, what are you doing over there?"

Tonight, all at once, my son figured out how to sit by himself without any help! It's like something clicked in his head balance-wise and he just got it. I sat him up, let go.. and that was that! He falls to the side if he lunges for something out of his reach (which is why he is playing with the baby wipes hehe, he kept lunging for it when I was trying to take his picture), but other than that, he is pretty good! The next step of course is him being able to push himself up into a sitting position.

I still can't believe it! We were getting ready for bed (well, I was getting HIM ready for bed) and part of our bedtime routine is belly time, sitting up practice, just working out the last of the energy and practicing skills. I sat him up on the bed, and he tipped over almost right away, but I thought maybe he would have more incentive to sit up longer if I put him on his mattress with his toys and once I did that, he was fine, like an old pro at sitting up. Haley was brushing her teeth in her bathroom and I called her in to see and she lavished the praise on him and ran to get Tim so he could come in and exclaim over it as well. I got a few little videos of him sitting up too.

It's these little milestones that make my throat swell up a little and I get a little teary because it's just one more step away from babyhood and this is it, my last baby, the moments are slipping by so quickly! I am holding onto every last second, because they are so incredibly precious.

So, onto crawling I suppose lol.


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