Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"I'm Through With Making Sense"

Well, we'll see how far I get on this entry. I have started and stopped entries (and ended up just deleting them) THREE times over the past three days. Life, it got busy! It didn't help that Tim took yesterday off (at my urging though, so I blame myself) and we spent an extra day running around doing things.

My camera is supposed to ship today! Woohoo! It is coming from NY so we will see how long it takes to get here, I am hoping it arrives no later than Friday. I am So. Excited. I have even been dreaming about taking pictures!

Speaking of dreams, I had another crazy Little House dream. Since we moved, when I dream of the Little House they are always really Crazy dreams. Last night I dreamt that one of Chantal's sisters gave birth on our bed at the Little House, that I was in the bathroom with the door between the two rooms open and I turned around and she was catching her baby. It was one of those really real dreams too, I woke up and was very disoriented.

Savino is teasing me, I know it, with this sleep thing. Saturday night he went down after a bath and nursing and a bottle and slept until almost midnight, he woke up around midnight, nursed again and took another bottle, and went back to sleep... and slept until 5AM!! Without waking up! He was in the exact same spot at 5am when he started squawking that he was when I laid him down at midnight! I sat up, nursed him and laid him back down and after a minute of fussing, he went back to sleep and slept until almost 7:30am when I w as actually awake enough to get up without trying to get him to play own his own for a few minutes so I could rise to consciousness. It was BLISS. I got almost 7 hours of sleep UNINTERRUPTED except to nurse him back to sleep at 5am. I felt so refreshed and rested, it was amazing. Sunday night wasn't quite as good, he woke up around 4am and I was still half asleep so I just put him next to me in the bed out of habit, but he went back to sleep after nursing and we slept pretty good until around 6am when I moved him to his crib and he slept for an hour alone. Last night was pretty good too, he slept until around 4:45am when I brought him into bed again. I think really the key is me being awake enough to sit up and nurse him and then lay him back down rather than just rolling him over into bed next to me and going back to sleep while he nurses. That is a difficult one, I get so sleep deprived that sometimes I just don't even wake up enough to think, "Oh, I ought to sit up and nurse him so I can put him back down in his bed". I think that he is reaching that age where he can sleep on his own, albeit still within arms reach, and I can finally sleep as well.

Anyway, it was a MAJOR success for him and me, I still feel like I am running on recharged batteries for all the sleep! I could get even more if I could manage to get myself into bed before 11pm. I am just embracing my freedom now that he will actually sleep for 4 hours from bedtime to that midnight feeding.

In other Savino news, he is working hard on learning to crawl or scoot. He can scoot himself about 25% of the time on his belly, and he has completely lost all interest in rolling onto his back from his stomach. He can roll onto his stomach from his back, no problem. Still nothing in the other direction though, unless it is completely unintentional, like reaching for a toy that is sort of behind him and rolling over on accident. Sometimes he rolls in his sleep too, but that is also entirely unintentional. But I think that crawling is in his near future, I think he is just going to figure it out soon.

Haley enjoyed her 4 day weekend after her one day at school last week. She was so reluctant to go back to school today, though she looked very cute dressed up in a new sweater and shirt. She needs a haircut, it's getting back below her shoulders again and she wants it trimmed. If I blink, she will be a teenager, it's scary.

We are doing our part to stimulate the local economy by getting a few new things for the house.
At Sears this weekend, I found a plain white china set for 6 on sale for 9.99. Um, Hell yeah! I was so excited, I have wanted a set of plain white dishes for so long and am always too tight fisted to part with the money when I see one that I like. This set is very nice and at that price even I couldn't complain! I also totally caved and let Tim buy a new acoustic guitar on Saturday. Yeah, I am a SUCKER. Oh well, it makes him happy. I find it hard to deny him happiness even when it is totally and completely ridiculous that he should want yet another guitar. We also got a new TV, our old one is some strange offbrand which about four years ago started to clip off the edges of the picture, including the menus on the digital channel guide, so you had to play "fill in the letter" when trying to figure out the names of shows or movies. Yeah. Suck. The new one is super nice, but I don't really watch much TV during the day unless Savino is having one of his nurse-a-thons and there is nothing else to do but sit and be.

Ok, Savino is falling asleep sitting up, I must tend to the baby.

Ok, got him situated in his swing upstairs (thank you new batteries), and hopefully he will take a long nap because his morning nap was like, maybe, 30 minutes? Not long enough.

I am drinking my Mother's Milk tea in an attempt to boost my supply, again. I blame a weekend of running errands and not being home enough, I don't think that Savino nursed quite enough and I was getting worried that my milk was going to start drying up. I don't know if the tea is helping yet or not, but it tastes gross, so I certainly hope it does SOMETHING.

I am trying to resist the lure of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer. I do. not. need. But I want!

We had lunch on Sunday with my sister-in-law and her fiancee. They have been together for a few years now, but she was sporting a huge rock for the first time on Sunday, apparently her fiancee proposed to her (again, I think) in front of their whole church in the middle of the service. I was totally amused by all of that, especially because my sister-in-law, Dawn, only joined the church because that is where her fiancee, Steve, goes to church. She's one of THOSE women, she changes to match her mate, like a chameleon. Anyway, I thought it was cute and sweet, and funny. They've been living together for awhile now, but her divorce from her psycho ex is just now finalized, so I guess he re-proposed to her and gave her a huge rock to cement it. They had plans to get married last year, but Dawn's psycho ex has been dragging their divorce out for like five years, and it STILL wasn't finalized at that point so they had to postpone it. They had purchased a cruise to Jamaica and Mexico and everything for their honeymoon. The trip was nonrefundable, so they went anyway, but the wedding had to wait. They still haven't set a date, but Dawn was flushed with pleasure to have her ring.

It started snowing AGAIN after it had warmed up enough to melt the almost four inches of snow that we had last week. I am so done with winter. I hate the snow. I hate the ice. I hate the cold. HATEHATEHATE. The warmer weather cannot come quickly enough for me. Poor Savino, I am waiting to switch him into the bigger carseat out of his infant seat until the weather warms up because I can bundle him up in his infant seat and zip up his bunting over him and carry the whole seat into the stores without getting him out so he stays warm. I think that he HATES that seat though, and is ready for a bigger carseat, so hopefully it will thaw out for good soon.

We've decided to try and go somewhere on vacation with the rebate checks that will be coming closer to summer. We have no idea where yet. I would like to go back to Florida, but the logistics kind of scare me. I am terrified of trying to fly with Savino and being THOSE parents who have the screaming kid on the plane, though a direct flight to Orlando is only two hours. And the prospect of driving down is even worse, so I don't know. I long for the beaches and the sun and there is so much there that the kids would enjoy, at least, that Haley would enjoy. We are definitely taking the kids to Disney, but probably when Savino is a few years older so that he can appreciate it as well. There are several amusement parks within a few hours driving distance of us though, so maybe we can do something like that. One place I was looking at as a possibility is this big lodge that is on the grounds of a water park and within shouting distance of another amusement park. I don't know if Haley is up for roller coasters yet, at least the big ones, but she gets all crazy and hyper at the suggestion of going on vacation. I'd like to DO something with the money anyway, rather than just spend it on stuff. I'm all into making some fun memories for us. We look back on our other vacations that we've taken with a lot of happiness, so I think we ought to keep the ball rolling.

Ok, I better take advantage of the sleeping baby and get some work done, or some cleaning, or SOMETHING productive!


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