Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, it's been a few days since I wrote. I have been CRAZY busy. The Little House is within spitting distance of being done. I helped Tim out there all Saturday and after dropping more $$ on a new cabinet and countertop for the kitchen, and mass amounts of plumbing parts, I think we could be done if I can convince Tim to go out there after work. All that is left to do is hook the sink drain up and install the faucet, and the kitchen will be 95% done. Done enough so that Pete (our renter) can move in at least. The dishwasher still needs to be hooked up, but that can be done later. Two couches need moved out of the house, but Tim will have to have help for that. The mailbox needs to be put back up. Little stuff. The biggest priority was finally getting all the plumbing done and the kitchen finished. It has a new floor, new sink cabinet, new countertop, it's really nice! I am impressed with the difference that it has made. Oh, a threshold has to be installed as well. Tim let me use his big saw, his new compound sliding miter saw. It was fun! I felt like I could use it without his supervision once he showed me how to work it, it is pretty easy to use.

Today we did a lot of running around. I have been doing most of it because Jay and Eleni are out of town for the weekend and I have been taking care of their animals while they are out. Their dog, Luna, had to be put out/in and fed and the cats needed fed and checked on. Luna is a HUGE German Shepherd/Husky mix, but she looks scarier than she is. I took her for a walk tonight after I put Savino to sleep, and it was debateable who was walking who at first. She's a sweetie though. I don't mind looking after their animals, it's only fair since they looked after ours while we were on vacation. They come back tomorrow so I think that I just have to go over in the morning and that will be it.

I bought Haley and Savino a bunch of new clothes from JCPenneys Friday night, they had a huge clearance sale of summer clothes and I got Haley 5 new Bobby Jack shirts (they usually cost $20 each) for $3 each and Savino a bunch of clothes for next summer and a few outfits that he can wear now. I wish I could go back because they had so much for $1.97, I should have piled the shopping cart high.

I continue to be a crazy coupon lady. It's fun. It's my latest diversion, and it combines all of my favorite things, being a cheapskate and shopping and OCD organization and list making! I need to get a 3 ring binder and some baseball card pages to store my coupons in, I have quickly realized that my cheap $1 coupon folio thing is not going to cut it. I have way too many coupons and it doesn't have enough space. I need more organization. Pawing through a handful of coupons in the store while Savino screams at me from the shopping cart just doesn't work. I am continually amazed at the deals that I have been able to find. Lately it has been soap, shampoo, and razors. I bought several bars of this Johnson and Johnson toddler soap... for free! I think I have 5 bars of it so far tucked away in the kids bathroom closet, and I plan to keep buying it as long as I can keep finding the coupons for it. Free soap is free soap. Today I got these Intuition razors from CVS for .99 each, the price on the shelf was 9.99. Ahahahaha, it's wonderful. My bathroom closet is starting to fill up with shampoo and conditioner, I doubt I will run out of it any time soon. I am going to go back to CVS and get more of those razors and some bar soap for Tim.

Oh man, Savino. I don't know. That kid! He has such an attitude! He becomes more and more of his own little person every day. He now signs "eat" and "more" reliably and he has started letting me know when he is ready to eat by signing "eat" to me and if I don't get it, he leans forward and puts his fingers on my lips so there's no mistaking it! He makes me smile but he makes me crazy too. He's clearly not ready to wean yet. I thought maybe now that he is getting so much more mobile and able to assert himself more that he would start leaning towards weaning, but he doesn't show any signs of giving it up yet. He will be 11 months in ONE DAY. I can't believe it.

I bought Haley's school supplies, she is just missing some stickers that we will have to go to Walmart to get I think. Otherwise she is ready for school to start, she wants a new backpack though, and she needs more bras and underwear and socks and a few new pairs of jeans. Otherwise she's set. I am a mess though, my little baby is going to be a 4th grader! I can't get over it.

I have taken zero pictures in the last two weeks. Well, that's not true, I've taken a few here and there, just on my point and shoot, but I don't feel like I have had the time to really take any. That makes me a little sad, but life is life. I'd rather be living it!

Ok, it's late, time for me to pack it in.


Virginia & Anthony said...

I know what you mean about all of the coupons! I was making a list and printing as many as I could at work two nights ago because there are so many computers in such a small space and all I could think was: "I bet nobody has printed their limit of "fill in coupon name" on their computer" So, as soon as someone would walk away, I would jump on and print a coupon. I feel exactly the same way about coupon/bargain hunting combining all of my loves: saving money, making lists, organizing, beating the system, etc....

I figure if you want to spend time doing something, like on a hobby, it might as well be something that makes/saves so much money!!!

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