Friday, February 29, 2008

Six Months Old

Today, my son is six months old. Half a year. It seems IMPOSSIBLE! We've made it this far and I am so proud of him and so proud of us. This was my first big breastfeeding goal, and we've made it. Six months of struggling with a low supply but persisting anyway, I am so glad that we have. It doesn't seem real that he is halfway to being a year old, it really doesn't. I thought it would take forever to get here, and instead I blinked and here we are. Just crazy! I am very glad my son is healthy and happy and we are going to set our next goal to 9 months, and see where we go from there. I am not quite 100% committed to breastfeeding to a year, but it is something that I think will benefit the boy and I am willing to do it if things continue to be as good as they are!

Savino has been a very good boy today, he let us sleep until 8:45 and that was BLISS. I needed the extra hour because he was up at 6am yesterday. I don't remember how he slept last night, which means it must not have been too bad. I think I just put him in bed with us when he did wake up and let him nurse, I can't remember. I know I didn't give him a bottle in the night, so it must have been alright.

My paranoia over him not breathing or stopping breathing in the night hasn't lessened any though. Tim keeps trying to reassure me that he's past the SIDS age, but it doesn't matter, it is something in my brain that I cannot control. Last night I woke Tim up when I was leaning over Savino in his crib checking to see if he was alright. I can't explain why I am so paranoid, but I can't shake it no matter what. I hope that it will get better as he gets older because I seriously stress myself out with the worry.

Haley is back at school today, no snow day for her again, though of course it started snowing at around 9am and now it is coming down pretty hard again. *sighs* This winter will never be over. My feet will be cold for the rest of my life. SOMEONE TURN THE SNOW OFF. I think tonight will be a good night to build a big fire in the fireplace and hopefully warm things up a little. Our gas bill this month was INSANE because of how cold it has been. I really won't miss that.

On that note, I suppose I ought to get started with my chores for the day. Fun.


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