Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dark Chocolate, Please?

This will have to be brief as Savino is starting to sqwuak in his bouncer seat at my feet and there is some downloading going on in his diaper I think. (I know, you really needed to know that, right?)

So, yes, it appears that I FUBAR'd my laptop after all. *sighs* I put it back together yesterday evening, and it wouldn't even start up. The lights come on and then the lights go off and nothing happens. Suck. I took it back apart on Tim's reccomendation and am leaving it to sit and dry for a few days and then we'll try again. In the meantime, Tim and I have to share a computer because my other laptop upstairs has decided to no longer sees the network, it refuses to connect wirelessly to the internet and I haven't contemplated moving it downstairs where I can plug the network cable directly into it yet. I might though.

Tim pressured me into purchasing the new laptop. If anyone needs a cheap laptop, Dell has them for $399 which is like UNHEARD OF. Even on eBay, New in the box laptops are not that cheap. I put in an extra $30 for a DVD burner so that I can back up my pictures onto DVD and not worry about having them be large files. Of course, the stupid thing won't even be shipped before March 3rd, so I must suffer another week without my own computer.

Um, yeah, maybe I am a little spoiled. I don't like sharing a computer with Tim because he has a million and a half applications on his that make the computer run SLOWLY.

Ok, the boy can't stand it anymore, I must take a break to deal with him.

Mmm, I had garlic shrimp with pasta and vegetables for lunch. It's this kit that you just dump in a pan with a tablespoon of water, cover, and heat through for 10 minutes. Mmmm good. I am like the only one who likes this though, it has too much vegetables in it for everyone else apparently. Whatever, more vegetables for me!

I need to stay away from eBay, I keep bidding on things and I am starting to have bidder's remorse, like I haven't even won it yet and I'm already wishing I hadn't bid on it. Just stuff like pants for the boy and a lot of 12-18 mo. sized onesies. He doesn't REALLY need clothes, but I was bored while I was working. I also bought more ink for our printer, but we did need that.

Tim got this GPS unit from his friend that connects via Bluetooth to his fancy computer-phone and figured out how to install the Tom Tom navigation system on his phone so now we have a GPS. He is very pleased with himself about this, he has been wrestling with it for about a week now and kept pressuring me to let him just buy a regular GPS but I kept saying, "What FOR?" It's not like we go anywhere that we don't know how to get to, and those suckers are EXPENSIVE. It would just be another toy for him to play with. So he perserved and made the GPS his friend gave him work and now we are all set to start geocaching when the weather gets nice. There are TON of caches in our area, and Tim's friend wants to do it with us apparently. Whatev, I don't care. I did note that the GPS will probably come in handy this summer in finding yard sales. Last summer it was ridiculous how hard it was to find these remote addresses when people didn't put up any signs, and y'all know me, I am a hard core yard/garage sale addict. So that is a good thing, I suppose.

Haley has another snow day today. Have I mentioned how sick I am of the snow? And the winter? I am done. Just done. THREE INCHES last night. First she had a 2 hr. delay and then this morning at 6am, school was cancelled. I am cringing to think of how many make up days they are going to have to do this year. She is, of course, ecstatic and has spent most of the day watching TV and vegging out hardcore. I did make her fold and put away her laundry and I will probably make her do some more chores and study her math this evening. I figure, what are snow days for if not to play outside in the snow and then veg out in front of the TV. I don't know, we never had snow days when I was in school.

Savino has started to refuse to nap in his swing, which is fine on one hand because I didn't want that to become a long term habit, but sucky on the other in that it means that I have to lay down with him and nurse him to sleep or put him in his crib and let him wear himself out. Yesterday after nursing, I laid him dwon in his crib and he just laid on his belly and put his head down and eventually drifted off. He only slept for 45 minutes though. He is WAY too young to be going on nap strikes, he needs that time asleep or he becomes The Crabbiest Baby In The World, but try telling him that. It's just tough when 5pm rolls around and he is crying and flailing around with his arms and inconsolable and just wants to sleep but it's way too early for him to go to bed. *sighs* Babies.

Spring, please come so I can take this kid outside and let him wear himself out in the grass and sunshine.

Well, the boy is inconsolable again so I will wrap this up. It's always something!


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