Friday, February 15, 2008

Candy Coma

Well, actually no one in the house is suffering from Candy Coma today, we were all pretty good, though I did make individual little brownies in these little white ceramic ramekins I bought at the store the other day. I made a heart cut out of a peice of paper and dusted the tops of the brownies with a little powdered sugar so they had a heart on the top. Awww. They were just the right size too.

Haley had a good Valentine's Day, she had her party at school and got lots of cards as well as a candy gram from "A secret friend". Oooo, Haley had a SECRET FRIEND! I was sure to tease her about that, that's too cute! She brought home plenty of candy too which is being doled out slowly, she had ONE lollipop today. She said to me, "Mom, I don't need to be all sugared up. It's too much sugar." Um yeah, it is. Hehe, she is too grown up!

Tim brought me home a tiny little box of Russell Stover chocolates that had three peices in it. Mmmmm, that was so good. I ate one peice last night, one this morning and then one after lunch. It was very good and I didn't feel guilty for eating it either since I stretched it out. After he got home, I played "Pass the Baby" and gave him Savino so I could take a shower and while I was drying off I heard the doorbell ring. That is an occasion in and of itself, no one who knows us rings the doorbell because they know it just sets the dogs OFF, they go nuts at the doorbell. I peeked outside from the bathroom window and saw this pickup truck drive off so I had no idea who it was. I came downstairs after getting dressed to find this sitting on the table....


The roses are glittery! Blinged out roses!

There was a card that read "Happy Valentine's Day, we love you, from Tim, Savino, Haley and Chantal". They are so beautiful! The first words out of my mouth were "You really SHOULDN'T have!!" and he said, "I TOLD everyone you would bitch about them right away!" Well, he shouldn't have! I didn't get him anything other than making him his card. He said, you got me that Bluetooth headset! So I guess he is counting that as a Valentine's Day present, which works. He ordered them yesterday, so he actually planned it out! He also brought me home this Cingular Smartphone from work, they changed cell providers at the hospital so everyone handed in their old phones and some of them were Smartphones, the HR person said Tim could just keep his old one so he went into the office where the phones were being thrown into a box and grabbed one for me. Unfortunately he grabbed one that was BROKEN, so he said he would take it back in this morning and get one that was not broken. I thought that was sweet of him, I don't need a new phone or anything and we are upgrading our phones in July anyway, but it was free so I wasn't going to turn it down. I hope he is able to get one that works so I can play with it tonight! I got a heck of a lot more for Valentine's Day than I thought I would!

I just hope that Tim's headset comes today so that he can play with it. Of course, the other night after putting Savino to bed he told me that I had bought him the headset that he didn't really want. I told him if he didn't like it that I would just sell them on eBay and buy him the pair he wanted. Men. So picky. I went on this long speil half teasingly about how ungrateful he is, that I buy him something and then he doesn't even use it or it's not the something that he wants. Half the time I just make him pick his own presents out because if I do it, he won't like it! That might have been why I got the nice flowers and everything for Valentine's Day hehe. That WASN'T what I was angling for though, I just have to remind him sometimes that he just assumes that I know that he is thankful for everything I do or what I get him because he doesn't SAY it. I don't really care, I mean I DO know that he is grateful and thankful and all, but sometimes it is nice to just hear it. You have to remind men though, they are oblivious, they think that you can read their minds.

Haley went over to her friend Mariah's house to play in the snow last night, she was beside herself with happiness about that too. It has been an exceptionally good week for her, one day of school on which there was copious amounts of candy and a party and then no school again until Tuesday. To be a kid again.

I made Tim a really nice dinner last night, we had three cheese chicken (which, OK, came out of a bag as a ready-made meal that I just had to heat up in a skillet, but it still tasted good!), shrimp cocktail, corn, and the brownies. It was kinda nice being the two of us, well, plus a fussy baby.

Speaking of the fussy baby, last night was some sort of purgatory I am convinced. It was BRUTAL. Savino started screaming around 1am and was off and on alternately screaming and refusing to nurse until I finally broke down at 5:30am and woke Tim up and begged him to go downstairs and make Savino a bottle. Of course as soon as he went downstairs, Savino quieted down, woke all the way up and started patting my cheek and playing with my fingers and "talking". *sighs* He was awake from about 4:45 until almost 7am, so of course I was awake most of that time. I couldn't get to sleep because I had to lay right next to him to keep him from stranding himself on his stomach while he was playing (which would have resulted in him screaming again). He would pat my cheek a few times and then *whack*, he'd smack me. He thought it was hilarious until I put my arm over my face and he couldn't see my face anymore. At about 6:45am when Tim's alarm was going off for the third time, I finally pulled Savino into bed with me and stuck my boob back in his mouth. He fell asleep... for 45 minutes. ARG. Then he was up for the day. So I got about maybe an hour of sleep between 4:45am and 8am. He wouldn't nap this morning either, he slept for about 20 minutes before the sound of Haley's voice made him pop his eyes open.

To top it ALL off, the batteries in his swing upstairs are DEAD and I am out of D and C batteries so I can't replace them. Usually he takes his long nap in the afternoon upstairs in his swing by himself because nothing disturbs him upstairs, the dogs can't wake him up with their barking or anything. So he is taking his nap this afternoon in his bouncer down here and guess who is in charge of keeping the bouncer in motion so that he will stay asleep? Um yeah. I'm a little exhausted.

I am going to blame all of last night on the fact that I let him fall asleep at 7pm and usually I keep him up until 8pm. I have no idea if that is the real cause or not, but hey, I got nothing else.

Are you sick of all the baby talk yet? I am. I have nothing interesting to talk about though.

Oh, I will probably order my camera tomorrow! That is exciting! I am just going to get a new D40 from this seller on eBay that bundles the camera with a bunch of cheap accessories including a cheap flash and a 4 GB SD card and case and tripod. It is a good starting point. I have been going back and forth about whether I wanted to get a different camera, like the D40x or a Rebel, but I decided I would just start with the D40 and learn the ins and outs of that camera and then if by next year I feel like I need to upgrade then I can upgrade around the same time next year with our refund then. My goal is to be able to take portraits here at home instead of going back to Olan Mills, so I will focus on getting that down between now and then and then decide if I need more MP or different features.

Ok, enough rambling, I better take advantage of Savino still being asleep to get some real work done. Fun!


Virginia & Anthony said...

How thoughtful!!! Those flowers are so beautiful!! I always think Valentine's day is no big deal, and such a hype anyway but then when it comes I do a complete 180 and start expecting chocolate and gifts:)

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