Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I like how these turned out. I am trying to be less critical and just enjoy these. I am HATING the ones I took on Saturday. I want to just throw them all away and not deal with them. I might. Life is too short to spend editing pictures you hate (if you're not getting paid for it!)

These were all from the Apple Fest on Sunday, by the way. It wasn't much of an Apple Fest though. It was kinda lame, but the kids had a fantastic time and I guess that is what matters!

It wasn't a bad day or evening, and I managed to get a bit done. I am waging the war on the fleas in the house. We are on the brink of infestation. We have been dealing with little baby fleas that the dogs have been bringing in from outside which promptly jump off them since they have been treated with flea stuff. I spent two hours last night spreading Borax all over the carpets and sweeping it into the cracks in the hardwood floor. I am beyond pissed that we made it through most of the year before succombing to the stupid fleas right before the weather changes and kills them all. And of course, I can't use the stuff I have used in the past to kill fleas because it's a carpet powder with serious chemicals and I don't want to have the babies crawling around on that. So I used a combination of Borax and table salt, and did the downstairs last night and put down the powder upstairs today. I vaccuumed up the downstairs after an hour but am leaving the upstairs at least 24 hours before I try vaccuuing up there, I want to be sure I really give it a chance to work up there where the kids aren't always hanging out. I am also trying to get all the stuff that has been laying on the floors washed and put away so we don't reinfest ourselves. Please please please let this work. I HATE dealing with fleas, that's why I put the stuff on the dogs. They must be all up in the yard though, I will have to spread the Borax out there too. At least it's not expensive.

Is it only Tuesday? Well, Tuesday night. It feels like it should be Friday already. Maybe that is just wishful thinking. I am kinda tired. I didn't get to bed until very late last night because of the Flea Wars and then just as soon as I got to sleep... Savino woke up crying and had to nurse. I am so over him waking up in the middle of the night. I am beginning to think he will never sleep through a night again. He hasn't in quite awhile. I have to cut him a break though, he is really working on these teeth. One of his bottom teeth in the front finally came up through, the edge of it, so he is starting to get there. The molars are still hanging out under the gums but starting to swell. His nose is starting to be much less runny, knock on wood. I hope he finds some relief soon.

I had better make the kids lunches and turn the laundry over. It. Never. Ends.


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