Sunday, March 9, 2008

Total and Complete Exhaustion

I have so little energy that I can't even express how little I have. I am so so so so tired. Please, PLEASE let my son sleep tonight! The last two nights have been complete hell. I thought once the teeth popped through that the hard part was over! My son has not slept more than an hour and a half stretch at all in 48 hours and has taken three 20 minute naps. I am DEAD on my feet. At least last night Tim took over from 4:30am to 6am and then I nursed the boy again and Tim changed him and got him dressed for me. But, for real, I need some sleep. I was making Savino a bottle in the middle of the night and couldn't keep my eyes open and crying from exhaustion all at the same time. It's like he's a newborn all over again, but with twice the screaming. I even gave in and gave him Tylenol in the middle of the night AND teething tablets. Tonight I gave him a dose of Motrin right after dinner and didn't let him nap AT ALL, so hopefully he will sleep a little better. Please, please, because I think I might throw myself out the window if I can't get some sleep. I am wrecked.

So, instead of lucid thought, you get more pictures. How I even managed to get half of these in focus with how bleary my eyes were all day, I don't even know. I caved and drank half a Diet Coke, I needed the caffeine.

We went to JoAnn Fabrics today so Tim could pick up some stickers for my old laptop keyboard where I have worn off the letters on half the keyboard, and I found the cutest flannel and cotton fabric that I am going to make some bibs with. I am backing them with terry/towel fabric and got a snap punch to put snaps on them with. I'm just using these ones I got handed down from Eleni as a template because I will likely be giving those back to her when she has her baby, but I will still need bibs for Savino and I LOVE these bibs of hers that I have been using that are backed in terry. They are WONDERFUL. So yeah, I am going to try and make a few. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I got half a yard of three different materials, which should be enough to make at least six bibs I think.

I tried on a pair of jeans in Target today that are two sizes smaller than the ones that I am currently wearing. I picked them up because they looked like they might fit though I was dubious about the size, and because the jeans I have now are a little too big. I need to get new jeans, but I am still working on losing the rest of the weight that I want to get off before the summer so I don't want to buy any right now. If that makes sense. Anyway, I was fully mentally braced for them to not fit and I even said to myself, "Self, I don't know why you are doing this to yourself, you will just be pissed off later!" So imagine my shock when they buttoned up! :o I didn't get them because there was something crazy going on with the rise in the waist, but I was really pleased! It was a healthy dose of motivation to keep on keepin' on and the tantalizing thought of being able to buy all my jeans in TWO SMALLER SIZES had me grinning.

I need to get a camcorder, I've come to that conclusion. My point and shoot camera takes OK video, but it's not really the best quality and I would really really like to be able to have some decent home movies for the kids when they are older, especially of things like Savino crawling, etc. I would ideally like one that you can record onto a DVD within the camcorder, but now that my laptop has a DVD burner and the desktop has a DVD burner, it's not exactly vital, so if anyone has a beloved digital camcorder that they love, please shoot me some reccomendations. I'm trying not to spend more than $300.

On that note, I am so so beat. I must get some sleep. Oh goody, my son is making noise, please let this not be the start of another restless night. I will DIE.


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